601-347 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 601-347-8600
  • 601-347-8601
  • 601-347-8602
  • 601-347-8603
  • 601-347-8604
  • 601-347-8605
  • 601-347-8606
  • 601-347-8607
  • 601-347-8608
  • 601-347-8609
  • 601-347-8610
  • 601-347-8611
  • 601-347-8612
  • 601-347-8613
  • 601-347-8614
  • 601-347-8615
  • 601-347-8616
  • 601-347-8617
  • 601-347-8618
  • 601-347-8619
  • 601-347-8620
  • 601-347-8621
  • 601-347-8622
  • 601-347-8623
  • 601-347-8624
  • 601-347-8625
  • 601-347-8626
  • 601-347-8627
  • 601-347-8628
  • 601-347-8629
  • 601-347-8630
  • 601-347-8631
  • 601-347-8632
  • 601-347-8633
  • 601-347-8634
  • 601-347-8635
  • 601-347-8636
  • 601-347-8637
  • 601-347-8638
  • 601-347-8639

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    1. Herb says:

      A lady called saying that I have to pay in 30 min my debt of a check froud..... ???????? Really??? I pay that long time ago ...... its a scam!!!! as soon as i told them that im looking at this they hung up the phone jajaja

    2. Odis says:

      I got the same phone call..but he offered me 9000.. When I did not give him any info..He was getting frustrated..I then Hung up on him..

    3. Hipolito says:

      They have called me several times today and yesterday. I called back and it is some auto warranty scam. I asked them not to call again.

    4. Dirk says:

      They call every day and I don't answer. If they continue I will call the States Attorney. I have been all over thier web site and if was a reputible company they would have officers names, numbers to call and all the other things a REAL company has to make these calls stop. I believe they will eventually give up. My credit is so good that when we applied for a loan the mortgage company said they have never seen a credit score as high as ours. I have had the same cedit card for 20 years and never have paid any interest. I have no debt so I am sure that this is a scam. Do not call, it only keeps them going.

    5. Armand says:

      Bothering me all the time

    6. Dwayne says:

      thank you. I too will add a do not answer to my address book

    7. Marvin says:

      They are trying to sell security systems.

    8. Fredric says:

      A recording announced that I had entered some sort of prize drawing run by SOS and won a 2500 dollar vacation.  I wanted to see what company it was so I stayed on the line and a guy with a thick spanish accent came on and asked if I was over 25.  When I wouldn't give a clear answer he said "Have a wonderful day" and hung up.

    9. Tyrone says:

      I got a call tonight, I did not answer and no message was left!

    10. Nicholas says:

      Were you able to do anything w/ this?  I also got the text and am on the no spam lists as well as supposedly blocked this by Verizon so they somehow figured out how to bypass the usual firewalls, etc.

    11. Rick says:

      this guy is a Nigerian or dune other place scammer. ..block him

    12. Odis says:

      I get these calls at work all the time. I put myself on the no call list and waiting to see if that helps. I don't answer calls I don't know until I check them out. These type of people need to be dealt with.

    13. Lino says:

      waka network scambook.com

    14. Vince says:

      I answered the call. No name on caller ID. First dead air, then a mechanical recorded voice said "goodbye" and disconnected.

    15. Homer says:

      have received 2 calls in the last 2 days from this number when I answered no one was there and when I called back it appears the number is not in service....wish we had more information????