601-638 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 601-638-8320
  • 601-638-8321
  • 601-638-8322
  • 601-638-8323
  • 601-638-8324
  • 601-638-8325
  • 601-638-8326
  • 601-638-8327
  • 601-638-8328
  • 601-638-8329
  • 601-638-8330
  • 601-638-8331
  • 601-638-8332
  • 601-638-8333
  • 601-638-8334
  • 601-638-8335
  • 601-638-8336
  • 601-638-8337
  • 601-638-8338
  • 601-638-8339
  • 601-638-8340
  • 601-638-8341
  • 601-638-8342
  • 601-638-8343
  • 601-638-8344
  • 601-638-8345
  • 601-638-8346
  • 601-638-8347
  • 601-638-8348
  • 601-638-8349
  • 601-638-8350
  • 601-638-8351
  • 601-638-8352
  • 601-638-8353
  • 601-638-8354
  • 601-638-8355
  • 601-638-8356
  • 601-638-8357
  • 601-638-8358
  • 601-638-8359

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    1. Clinton says:

      Hung up on answering machine message which says "Do not call if...."

    2. Fermin says:

      Got a text message reply for my $150 Craigslist posting, it stated " I will be offering you $290 including shipping. I'm not in the states at the momnet and i want you to help me ship it to west africa for my cousin. Who's working with the World Health Organization, want to get this to him as congratulatory gift. Do you have a Paypla account?

    3. Mark says:

      been receiving calls from this number but have not wait'd long enough to have it answered.

    4. Ramiro says:

      This is a legitimate number from UPS.  They called me back after I didn't answer and I confirmed the delivery address.  They call when they have an error in the location.  Answer the phone! :)

    5. Darrel says:

      They scamed me for two hundred dollars don't accept any calls from this and unopened numbers! If u can't get a receipt for it don't buy it!!!

    6. Daron says:

      Clearly a fake number.  I received calls from this number under 800 Service and Out of Area.  No message is ever left.

    7. Alan says:

      Low baller ladies and ts's beware don't accept

    8. Eddy says:

      I get calls from this number. They hang up when I answer.  Tried to call back and get a busy signal.

    9. Carmen says:

      Who are these people? 1:25 am in the morning!

    10. Horacio says:

      Advertising for alarm system

    11. Johnny says:

      Same here. They call all the time and when you answer , no one is there. if you call the number back, you get a recording saying " The google voice subcriber you have called is not answering, please leave a message after the tone. I did and they still call and hang up. So I have used *57 and reported them to the phone compnay.

    12. Raul says:

      One of many from multiple numbers in diffrent AC.  No one on the other end

    13. Jess says:

      spam Text, Localherohere.com

    14. Bennie says:

      I have been getting these call for the past month and this time it's from the number 201-203-9996. They told me I had taken out a loan online and that the loan place wired me $500 to my checking account. That I committed fraud because I never paid the loan back. She told me I had a lawsuit against me and I would have to pay the court fees too. Up to 8,000. When I asked her for Information on when supposely I took out this loan and the name of the loan. She called me an idiot and threatened to come to my job and have the cops arrest me. They have also been harrassing me at work. They told my coworker that I needed to call because I had committed fraud and I could go to jail! These people are unbelieveable! They will stop at nothing! What should I do? Its to the point where I want to change my number.

    15. Willis says:

      Talking about selling gold damn spamers