603-259 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 603-259-2640
  • 603-259-2641
  • 603-259-2642
  • 603-259-2643
  • 603-259-2644
  • 603-259-2645
  • 603-259-2646
  • 603-259-2647
  • 603-259-2648
  • 603-259-2649
  • 603-259-2650
  • 603-259-2651
  • 603-259-2652
  • 603-259-2653
  • 603-259-2654
  • 603-259-2655
  • 603-259-2656
  • 603-259-2657
  • 603-259-2658
  • 603-259-2659
  • 603-259-2660
  • 603-259-2661
  • 603-259-2662
  • 603-259-2663
  • 603-259-2664
  • 603-259-2665
  • 603-259-2666
  • 603-259-2667
  • 603-259-2668
  • 603-259-2669
  • 603-259-2670
  • 603-259-2671
  • 603-259-2672
  • 603-259-2673
  • 603-259-2674
  • 603-259-2675
  • 603-259-2676
  • 603-259-2677
  • 603-259-2678
  • 603-259-2679

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    1. Cory says:

      I'm a very resourceful guy and I will make sure that whom ever is responsible for this will pay the price fully...injustice will prevail...Somebody will pay dearly for this

    2. Bernardo says:

      Keep calling over and over

    3. Reed says:

      has anyone received calls from this number?  Caller ID shows West

    4. Henry says:

      I got 2 calls from this number only heard beeping.

    5. Walton says:

      Thanks for the help I had a missed call from this number and I also had a sears serviceman look at my 6 month old Kenmore Elite Trio refrigirator which decide to defrost all of my frozen meats and stop working for about 12 hours.

    6. Salvatore says:

      calls all the time in Spanish

    7. Orval says:

      Needs to quit calling. Annoying.

    8. Leroy says:

      I've been checking on all these numbers I havn't answered in the last few days....this company has called me tons of times from different numbers.

    9. Bennie says:

      Nothing...just keep calling and not sayin a word.

    10. Marcelino says:

      They are a credit card processing company engaging in illegal marketing practices (in that they completely disregard telemarketing laws). Do not do business with them.

    11. Rogelio says:

      A person called around 12 pm and said he is calling from Mumbai Police and was trying to get information.

    12. Delmer says:

      I pressed 1 and got Paul. I asked for the name of the company (Cardholder Services) and the location (Boca Raton, FL). I asked him why the caller ID came up Texas, and he said it must be a problem with the line; I told him I could see he was lying because I had Googled the phone number. I asked him for his last name "bacause I'm writing this up on the Internet, so I want to get it right."

    13. Lavern says:

      He was sending me pictures of him with his shirt off and flexing. I was deeply disturbed and then he sent me a picture of him injecting steroids into his body. someone needs to arrest this nutcase.

    14. Clayton says:

      No one knows how to get rid of it?

    15. Renato says:

      I had a call from this number, the caller ID listed it as Gifts 4 Free. The recording said that I could do a short survey and would receive two $25 dollar Walmart gift card (FOR A LOW SHIPPING CHARGE). When a person came tothe telephone I asked "how much the gift cards would cost be", he said they're free for doing the survey. So I asked again what would I have to pay. The foreign guy pretended not to understand my question, so I slowly broke the question down asking how much would it cost to get the gift cards. He then said just 2.95. So I asked and just how would this be paid. He said that's up to you. I said what are my options-- because I will not be giving you my credit nor my debit number card numbers. Hu mumbled something that I couldn't understand and hung up on me. I sure it is a scam to wipe my account clean.