605-881 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 605-881-4600
  • 605-881-4601
  • 605-881-4602
  • 605-881-4603
  • 605-881-4604
  • 605-881-4605
  • 605-881-4606
  • 605-881-4607
  • 605-881-4608
  • 605-881-4609
  • 605-881-4610
  • 605-881-4611
  • 605-881-4612
  • 605-881-4613
  • 605-881-4614
  • 605-881-4615
  • 605-881-4616
  • 605-881-4617
  • 605-881-4618
  • 605-881-4619
  • 605-881-4620
  • 605-881-4621
  • 605-881-4622
  • 605-881-4623
  • 605-881-4624
  • 605-881-4625
  • 605-881-4626
  • 605-881-4627
  • 605-881-4628
  • 605-881-4629
  • 605-881-4630
  • 605-881-4631
  • 605-881-4632
  • 605-881-4633
  • 605-881-4634
  • 605-881-4635
  • 605-881-4636
  • 605-881-4637
  • 605-881-4638
  • 605-881-4639

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    1. Jonathon says:

      keeps calling even though ive told them they have a wrong number and to put me on there do not call list

    2. Kristopher says:

      Its a scam and all they want is your money! They have no way of knowing whats going on with your computer and No legitimate company cold calls like this.  The scam usually entails them taking you to your event viewer which is a internal monitor that logs events on your computer.. Oh sure, you will see the error's logged, but its all a scam to get you to allow them access to your computer. The event viewer is only doing its job and its there for a real tech to look through should you actually have a problem. Then they want remote access! They usually turn your anti virus program off  and give you a big spiel, then inform you they want a small fee to fix it.. several hundred dollars of course! Meanwhile, they have access to all your computer and could be gleaning personal info, downloading stuff to your computer to turn it into a zombie computer to spam folks..

    3. Manuel says:

      American Income Life - saw my online resume - career builder (great site to get spam phone calls from and no real job offers)

    4. Jarred says:

      They just call and never leave a m

    5. Lemuel says:

      Just got spammed with this text from that number:Congrats, You've won! Visit www.goo.gl/BlCSX and enter 6417 to claim your iPad! Be sure to "Register Now"

    6. Bryan says:

      Called me today. I said what are you calling for? He said nothing, and then can I give you a kiss?! (had east indian accent) Hung up, pressed selective call blocking and that should get rid of it

    7. Garret says:

      Southfield public school recordings

    8. Brooks says:

      I fell for it too!  All I wanted was the free sample agreeing to the $3.95 for S&H. On 8/4/08 my account was debited $89.31 and then another $88.97 on 8/5/08!!!  This over drafted my checking account for which I was charged $65.00 by the bank for the over draft!!!  

    9. Kendall says:

      Must ask to be taken off their call list for it to stop

    10. Brock says:

      Got a text that reads " You have been choosen to Test And Keep the new Iphone 4s. Goto Http://HolidayTestnKeep.com & Enter Code 7805 on 3rd page. Offer Valid for 24 hours "I called the number it was texted from. No number.

    11. Nicholas says:

      Received a message from Michelle Miller similar to the post below and decided to Google the name and number for the company info but came across this site. I will not be taking the call. I could not find anything on this person or number.

    12. Miquel says:

      It's a SCAM service that (when you dial the number) asks you to "reactivate your card by answering three questions." It then asks you to "Enter your 16 digit card number."Sorry, I don't HAVE a MasterCard. Bummer.

    13. Walton says:

      Got a call from "Jay Allen Smith" from DRS. I did not answer so he left a message saying "this is a very important matter" but did not ever say what the matter is. He also did not ever use my name and was very vague. I don't know why he called but sounds like a SCAM! Look for 1-866-295-9370 and you will get pages full of information on these guys here on this website. He says it's very important someone calls back. They called me on my cell phone so if they were looking for me specifically, they would have said my name. This phone is obviously not listed. I don't share this line with anyone else... so I don't see why they would say "we need SOMEONE to call us back". Not sure who these clowns are but they are breaking quite a few rules here if they are debt collectors. Btw, I don't have any outstanding debt with ANYONE. So I don't see why they would be calling me if it is a debt collection company. Some people who have been called by this "company" are complaining that "collectors" are leaving frightening and frantic voicemail messages. Others are saying it's debt collection, and others are saying they are calling regarding a time share... all very fake and suspicious. Look up the other number I provided! Don't call these people back.

    14. Elias says:

      I google this number and i got the follow link: http://www.myproviderguide.com/escorts/utica/free-posts/w4m/3982308.html

    15. Wayne says:

      I'm responding to the text that I got saying I was approved for 1,450,