606-673 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 606-673-2640
  • 606-673-2641
  • 606-673-2642
  • 606-673-2643
  • 606-673-2644
  • 606-673-2645
  • 606-673-2646
  • 606-673-2647
  • 606-673-2648
  • 606-673-2649
  • 606-673-2650
  • 606-673-2651
  • 606-673-2652
  • 606-673-2653
  • 606-673-2654
  • 606-673-2655
  • 606-673-2656
  • 606-673-2657
  • 606-673-2658
  • 606-673-2659
  • 606-673-2660
  • 606-673-2661
  • 606-673-2662
  • 606-673-2663
  • 606-673-2664
  • 606-673-2665
  • 606-673-2666
  • 606-673-2667
  • 606-673-2668
  • 606-673-2669
  • 606-673-2670
  • 606-673-2671
  • 606-673-2672
  • 606-673-2673
  • 606-673-2674
  • 606-673-2675
  • 606-673-2676
  • 606-673-2677
  • 606-673-2678
  • 606-673-2679

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    1. Gino says:

      This person was harassing my friend. I want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    2. Rodney says:

      keep on kalling over and over after isaid i had the wrong number

    3. Eloy says:

      Keeps call doesn't leave message. Wish would stop.

    4. Donovan says:

      I have told this person I don't know them & to leave me alone but won't.

    5. Houston says:

      came up local news on caller id. left no message.

    6. Keenan says:

      I am gettting calls from this number everyday with no voice mail and when I answer there is nobody there.

    7. Jude says:

      sorry bud, but just saying that is not true doesn't achieve anything. You need to do your own research!! after you are done look at who the research is done by. the only people promoting vaccines are the people selling them and the people benefitting from the mass poisoning of the population. Mainstream news outlets are nothing more than corporate commercials. 1984 has arrived and it's astounding that people think these organizations are here to help. if there were no disease there wouldn't be any need for vaccinations. Manufacture and create the problems to sell products, because if they (the product) worked or fixed problems the corporation would be out of business... Capitalism at it's best? No  definitely at it's worst!

    8. Salvatore says:

      hey keep calling although I am on the do not call list and have answered and told them not to call.

    9. Franklin says:

      Calls and plays a recorded message in espanol. can't be called back

    10. Keenan says:

      wants to pay more for an item using fake Paypal and send to Nigeria

    11. Willian says:

      My sister-in-law received a call from someone claiming to be Victor Johnson from APS telling here that I had applied for an internet loan and she was responsible to pay stating that I had not paid the loan. Then my daughter received a call from this Victor Johnson telling her that I had applied for something on the internet and that it didn't work out and he was trying to contact me.  Later I received a call from a woman, she wouldn't give me her name, she was calling from APS. When I asked to speak with Victor Johnson (my sister-in-law and daughter had already called me about the calls they received) the woman wouldn't let me speak with Victor. She kept asking for my phone number and when I wouldn't give her the number, she hung-up.  I called back and same woman  answered the phone, asking for my phone number, which I didn't get and again she hung-up.   I dont know any company named APS and they would not say how they got the information or specific company name(s) or any information about the debt ...  When I called back the woman would always hang-up on me.   My sister-in-law told them that she was calling the police and the FBI.

    12. Tomas says:

      Says they provide me with my magazines, but didn't want to tell me which ones. Then when she finally told me which magazines, they were ones I don't even subscribe to! I told her I was on the Do Not Call list and hung up. Pure scam.

    13. Ivan says:

      I did not answer the call but it came in at 9am est.

    14. Herman says:

      Too bad something can't be done..phone my house number and my cell every day! I answered a couple of times, no one there, never leave voice mails and once I called the number back..not in service.  Area code here is 306..Canada

    15. Gerardo says:

      Card services calling to lower my interest rate. This is my 5th final notice. He asked how much card debt I had, then hung up. Guess I didn't owe enough to waste his time.