609-434 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 609-434-2880
  • 609-434-2881
  • 609-434-2882
  • 609-434-2883
  • 609-434-2884
  • 609-434-2885
  • 609-434-2886
  • 609-434-2887
  • 609-434-2888
  • 609-434-2889
  • 609-434-2890
  • 609-434-2891
  • 609-434-2892
  • 609-434-2893
  • 609-434-2894
  • 609-434-2895
  • 609-434-2896
  • 609-434-2897
  • 609-434-2898
  • 609-434-2899
  • 609-434-2900
  • 609-434-2901
  • 609-434-2902
  • 609-434-2903
  • 609-434-2904
  • 609-434-2905
  • 609-434-2906
  • 609-434-2907
  • 609-434-2908
  • 609-434-2909
  • 609-434-2910
  • 609-434-2911
  • 609-434-2912
  • 609-434-2913
  • 609-434-2914
  • 609-434-2915
  • 609-434-2916
  • 609-434-2917
  • 609-434-2918
  • 609-434-2919

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    1. Santos says:

      Didn't answer call because I didn't recognize number. They called back to back 3 times. Just kept ignoring call hopiing they would finally stop. Never heard of 248 area code.

    2. Hugh says:

      I received a call from this number at 7:45PM, said "Hello . . ." and waited, no-one was on the other line. This call tied up my phone for two minutes before what I am assuming is an OCM machine hung up the call. VERY IRRITATED!!

    3. William says:

      My son is makingh calls to this nr and would like to know who it belongs too.

    4. Bob says:

      i got the same call but from #206-337-5897

    5. Kent says:

      Called me in South-Eastern Canada at 9:35am with beeping. Believe they are trying to fax me. Believe they are called Qwest Corp calling from Jackson, Wyoming USA.

    6. Jospeh says:

      harassment is being involved.

    7. Shelton says:

      Getting way to many unknown calls! I never answer!

    8. Avery says:

      This is AT&T U-Verse.  I called them the other day to set up new service and they called me back using this number.

    9. Grant says:

      Yu got mad n hurt fo no reason im coo

    10. Horace says:

      Received two calls from this company with very similar messages. Today I filed a complaint with both the FBI and FTC.   The first message was from "Phyliss Jackson" stating a friend put his name and number on the back of a check that may be fraudulent. The second was from "Tracy Riley" with the threat of my case being turned over to the courts.

    11. Trey says:

      A bill collector for some I don't even know.10 times a day

    12. Antony says:

      the last time I hit 1 and got the live person I told them i had already asked to be rmoved from the call list and started to ask for a manager and the "rep" hung up on me.  I understand you are thinking we should all stay civil, but civil does not work with these people.  Even the reps have got to know they are working for an irreputible company so a little irrational behavior towards them may help them go find a better more appropriate job and quite supporting spoofers such as their current employers.

    13. Jeffry says:

      Hi, I have an ipod touch, and I checked it and it said missed FACE TIME call from 1203.209.0894, and then it said Bridgeport CT, and I don't know who it was. It was a FACE TIME, NOT a call from a phone, a FACE TIME. I asked my dad and he said it was a prank caller, or a spam and said if you don't recognize the number, don't answer because face time shows your face, and they  could show me a picture of a really scary thing.

    14. Giovanni says:

      same as evrey one els guy indian calls telling me i need to pay 5000 on a court date or im going to jail for frad man i hate this s*** so i call this number that another person on here was getting calls from and boom same guy i was talking to from the number that called me the number that called me was 209-396-6905 and the one that called the other persion  on here was 951-257-5813. same damn persion fucin a** holes

    15. Wade says:

      Sent nasty picture in a text message.