612-817 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 612-817-4360
  • 612-817-4361
  • 612-817-4362
  • 612-817-4363
  • 612-817-4364
  • 612-817-4365
  • 612-817-4366
  • 612-817-4367
  • 612-817-4368
  • 612-817-4369
  • 612-817-4370
  • 612-817-4371
  • 612-817-4372
  • 612-817-4373
  • 612-817-4374
  • 612-817-4375
  • 612-817-4376
  • 612-817-4377
  • 612-817-4378
  • 612-817-4379
  • 612-817-4380
  • 612-817-4381
  • 612-817-4382
  • 612-817-4383
  • 612-817-4384
  • 612-817-4385
  • 612-817-4386
  • 612-817-4387
  • 612-817-4388
  • 612-817-4389
  • 612-817-4390
  • 612-817-4391
  • 612-817-4392
  • 612-817-4393
  • 612-817-4394
  • 612-817-4395
  • 612-817-4396
  • 612-817-4397
  • 612-817-4398
  • 612-817-4399

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    1. Chris says:

      get this call at least once a day--along with several others from all over the US--they never leave messages so def won;t be answering these calls--STOP CALLING ME-YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SELL OR SAY THAT I WANT OR WANT TO LISTEN TOO!!!!!!!

    2. Theo says:

      Sent a text at 5:30 in the morning. Something about apple and testing & keeping the new iPad.

    3. Theodore says:

      Spam. Stalker like. I rejected their call and it call me right back in less than 3 seconds.

    4. Sammy says:

      Crazy old drunk man, he will continue calling you nonstop for hours at a time. Ladies, block the number and avoid answering at all costs!!

    5. Foster says:

      this is defenitly a scam and it almost cost my daughter 1000.00

    6. Cyril says:

      i am no longer allowing myself to be used by u. i am cutting all ties. it hurts but i will get over it.

    7. Elvis says:

      I received 2 calls within a couple minutes of each other. There was no message left.

    8. Burton says:

      texted saying i won a ipad 3

    9. Curtis says:

      Called at 8:45 p.m no one was thee when I answered. I tried calling back several times, all it did was ring.

    10. Darius says:


    11. Gerard says:

      rang once im on do not call list report them govt does 0

    12. Dong says:

      Some type of financial freedom conference

    13. Andrew says:

      I've been getting called by this number for a month now. They claim to be Suntrip Ford. I've told them 4 times to take me off of their call list, but they keep on calling. We'll see if it sticks this time or not.

    14. Moses says:

      This man called my house this morning and asked for my husband by name. At first, I said he wasn't home but what I'd meant was that he was still asleep. When I tried to say this, he cut me off and asked for the "lady of the house". This is the lady of the house, I told him but rather than talk to me, he said there was no message and started to hang up. When I tried to ask him who it was, he said something else instead and annoyed, I hung up on him. Since it was a "local area call" and he didn't want to leave a message, talk to anyone here or identify himself or a company, I got the impression someone was trying to find out if we were home. I have a 125lb german rottweiler though so if coming to my house was the intent, that would be a mistake on their part.

    15. Milton says:

      Hang-ups or "This call is for Ann Jones" and then dead air.  If you call back the number, they say it's American Express but can't look up your account.  Amex hired this outside company to follow up on late payments, etc.  But now they are calling a day or two before statements are due.  Call Amex directly to see why they have you on this list.