616-241 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 616-241-4440
  • 616-241-4441
  • 616-241-4442
  • 616-241-4443
  • 616-241-4444
  • 616-241-4445
  • 616-241-4446
  • 616-241-4447
  • 616-241-4448
  • 616-241-4449
  • 616-241-4450
  • 616-241-4451
  • 616-241-4452
  • 616-241-4453
  • 616-241-4454
  • 616-241-4455
  • 616-241-4456
  • 616-241-4457
  • 616-241-4458
  • 616-241-4459
  • 616-241-4460
  • 616-241-4461
  • 616-241-4462
  • 616-241-4463
  • 616-241-4464
  • 616-241-4465
  • 616-241-4466
  • 616-241-4467
  • 616-241-4468
  • 616-241-4469
  • 616-241-4470
  • 616-241-4471
  • 616-241-4472
  • 616-241-4473
  • 616-241-4474
  • 616-241-4475
  • 616-241-4476
  • 616-241-4477
  • 616-241-4478
  • 616-241-4479

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    1. Marcus says:

      I don't work for this company but I am a telemarketer and I just felt like responding to some of these. Now why do you think that people would call you over and over again and hang up. Unless they are getting paid strictly by the hour which I can almost guarantee they aren't that would be ABSOLUTELY pointless! Most companies like this run on an automated dialer which means someone is not sitting with a paper list in front of them dialing your number...it's all done by computer. Now in a bigger company the dialer is running pretty fast to make sure that all the representatives are getting phone calls and not sitting and waiting around for too long which in turn means that sometimes your number might be dialed and there may not be someone available to speak with you.

    2. Vance says:

      They are calling to make a sell

    3. Ernesto says:

      How do they get our number?

    4. Foster says:

      They call every day and when you pick up, no one is there.

    5. Lacy says:

      Leaves a blank voicemail. I've had a lot of 253 numbers trying to call and they all do the same thing.

    6. Shayne says:

      Calls, smacks like eating in the phone then hangs up after I say hello a couple of times.  Has called before.

    7. Norberto says:

      Spam text from smoke900.com

    8. Rolf says:

      I requested form this jerk to have my number removed at least a dozen times but they are still wasting my ink and paper faxing a stupid promotion for Affordable Life Insurance.  There must be something that can be done to stop good for nothings like them.  I am reporting them to the FCC and the donotcall.gov but that is unfortunately not much help.

    9. Dwight says:

      It's a recruiter for a construction company. I was called twice back to back and someone finally spoke to me the second call. Wanted to know if I was still looking for a full time job because they were hiring. Didn't hear who the

    10. Normand says:

      Got a call CID: "Name Not Found" on 6/16, 2:35p.  Left no message.  It seems most of this kind of calls I'm getting are from Design centers or construction companies looking for remodeling or home repairs.  All related to home improvement.... i wonder where 'they' are getting this list????

    11. Lindsey says:

      We did too. Some east Indian guy who you can hardly understand , said our computer is downloading vicious virus,s . He wanted us to go on the web to download something...like im sure we are that stupid....

    12. Ronnie says:

      so someone called about claiming that i had ordered something from a lab and i had to pay which is so not true i never ordered anything and i hang up*****then someone else called that they were gonna send me to court for not paying and that they were gonna call the police so i hang up ********then for about an hour later a supposed police called and said i the payment needed to be payed if not i had to go to court and i told them that no i was going to call the police on them to prove that they were just bothering to get my money out of my pockets

    13. Rodrigo says:

      Pretending to be a mortgage agent wanting to get social security number. I did place an application on the mortgage web site.He returned the call as an agent of the company.The company name never corresponded with the caller ID.He thought he was slick.

    14. Scotty says:

      Damin calling-DO NOT ANSWER

    15. Chi says:

      Sends disrespectful messages