618-363 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 618-363-7600
  • 618-363-7601
  • 618-363-7602
  • 618-363-7603
  • 618-363-7604
  • 618-363-7605
  • 618-363-7606
  • 618-363-7607
  • 618-363-7608
  • 618-363-7609
  • 618-363-7610
  • 618-363-7611
  • 618-363-7612
  • 618-363-7613
  • 618-363-7614
  • 618-363-7615
  • 618-363-7616
  • 618-363-7617
  • 618-363-7618
  • 618-363-7619
  • 618-363-7620
  • 618-363-7621
  • 618-363-7622
  • 618-363-7623
  • 618-363-7624
  • 618-363-7625
  • 618-363-7626
  • 618-363-7627
  • 618-363-7628
  • 618-363-7629
  • 618-363-7630
  • 618-363-7631
  • 618-363-7632
  • 618-363-7633
  • 618-363-7634
  • 618-363-7635
  • 618-363-7636
  • 618-363-7637
  • 618-363-7638
  • 618-363-7639

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    1. Darnell says:

      Hi buddy you know your awsome

    2. Ike says:

      Received call from 209.398.8989 left no message at 5:36pm 5-10-07 I have Cingular and the phone called (me) is in area code 831.  I WISH we could hold people accountable.

    3. Russell says:

      Yes, you can do something about it, if you think it might drive you crazy - GET RID OF AT&T!  It will never end, even if you are on a "Do Not Call" list, because you do business with them (assuming you have a AT&T/Bell carrier), and that's one of the loopholes that they will use to pester you with - to no end.  Through the last 4-5 years, I've seen atleast 4 different-named AT&T companies that have called 50 to 300 times each, over as much as 4 months or so.  Most likely, you don't have an AT&T company for your long-distance (plus I see now they're selling dish packages too now).

    4. Aubrey says:

      Two cell phone calls. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. Spam to me!

    5. Kareem says:

      A recorded call advertising lower interest rates on a credit card, then said "dial one to speak to a live operator", which I did. Than a live operator came on and I asked the name of the company, and was told "Account Services". I asked, "is there some reason the Do Not Call List doesn't apply to your company?" She said, "what is your phone number?" but I did not give it to her. I told her all such calls are illegal. Probably won't do any good. I also filed a complaint on the Do Not Call Registry at

    6. Darwin says:

      block this number and texts

    7. Damien says:

      I just received a text from this number saying it was a BancorpSouth notification. I think it may be spam judging from other comments left below.

    8. Raphael says:

      Someone claiming to be Rhonda Aumann living in Milton called to request a business service. When I arrived at the address - there was no knowledge of a Rhonda Aumann. I fully suspect it is a prank.

    9. Dwight says:

      Kept playing on the phone

    10. Richie says:

      Two calls today: from "Canada Development office" from someone with an Indian accent. The other from the "Quebec  Business Office".  Both asked about if we were moving.  If you live in Quebec, you will definitely get a big laugh in their face as they present themselves.  They were shocked at why I was laughing out so loud.  I answered: "I will tell you after you give me your name, the name of your boss and his phone number".  She hung up on me right away.

    11. Hayden says:

      I picked up the phone and nobody answered

    12. Ben says:

      Would you please share the name of the company in Mumbai?

    13. Herb says:

      Best Buy to schedule an installation. I just bought something today, so it's legit.

    14. Art says:

      No message left. First time number called me.

    15. Granville says:

      Received 4 calls in 4 hours from them. Never answered them expecting it to be spam, but I called back and got a machine (operator?) Which said: " if you are calling from a cellphone press 1 for a chance to win 50,000 dollars...".