620-649 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 620-649-1400
  • 620-649-1401
  • 620-649-1402
  • 620-649-1403
  • 620-649-1404
  • 620-649-1405
  • 620-649-1406
  • 620-649-1407
  • 620-649-1408
  • 620-649-1409
  • 620-649-1410
  • 620-649-1411
  • 620-649-1412
  • 620-649-1413
  • 620-649-1414
  • 620-649-1415
  • 620-649-1416
  • 620-649-1417
  • 620-649-1418
  • 620-649-1419
  • 620-649-1420
  • 620-649-1421
  • 620-649-1422
  • 620-649-1423
  • 620-649-1424
  • 620-649-1425
  • 620-649-1426
  • 620-649-1427
  • 620-649-1428
  • 620-649-1429
  • 620-649-1430
  • 620-649-1431
  • 620-649-1432
  • 620-649-1433
  • 620-649-1434
  • 620-649-1435
  • 620-649-1436
  • 620-649-1437
  • 620-649-1438
  • 620-649-1439

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    1. Daron says:

      What the heck is going on??  This number is my old cellular number that was cancelled by MTS in January 2012 when scammers started using the number across Canada.  

    2. Ken says:

      who are these people? Calling cell every 10 minutes, when you call the number back it says the number is disconnected.

    3. Emil says:

      I got several call from this number. I am pretty sure this are people that are try to rip us off. They ask me about my Visa or Master Card account. Them I call back a few second later and there is a recording saying that the number is disconnected. Freaking thief's be careful all.

    4. Bob says:

      yess she wount stop calling

    5. Carl says:

      Trying to sell me a prize?!

    6. Giuseppe says:

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    7. Everett says:

      Airelle Daniel threating me

    8. Hoyt says:

      Asking If this was expedia and they were looking for a confirmation number.

    9. Chong says:

      Texts strangers at 4:10 AM. If someone doesn't text or call you back, maybe you got the wrong number.

    10. Jayson says:

      get ya life cause u r blocked

    11. Mauro says:

      I also received about 6 calls from a foreign guy stating he was eric from acf on some financial matter, I finally said what is this about and they could not give me any information stating that I'd have to go to court.  Also went to the local police about a foreing guy calling me a few months ago-they believe it's another Nigerian money scam.  Nothing is on my credit report that is a problem, but protect yourself!

    12. Burt says:

      For the number 888-369-8668 the WalMart "Gift card" definitely a scam. Came thru within hours of trying to sign up for either coupons.com or shoponline.com. I am on the national Do Not Call list, but apparently they could care less! Texted me just before 10 PM and left the call-back number. Called back, waited on the line for 1 hr and 5 mins, listening to their "Please stay on the line for an important ..." Dialed their number from my cell phone, message said call back during regular 6 to 10 PM hours. So Tomorrow go to local WalMart with the message to show them and see what their management has to say! I'm retired\disabled and have plenty of time to hassle these idiots! Time to start posting every site that rates shopping experiences, etc.

    13. Rudy says:

      Faker - so you post this on a thread about callers pretending to be from Microsoft?  Epic fail.

    14. Aaron says:

      This guy has never met me, just started calling one day out of the blue and refuses to stop. TOTAL PSYCHO. Has been calling nonstop for 3 months, morning noon and night. If I answer, he just pretends he got a wrong number, but he's obviously an insanely obsessed stalker.Ladies, if you get a call from this number, be very afraid, change your number, and carry a gun

    15. Giuseppe says:

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