630-816 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 630-816-2120
  • 630-816-2121
  • 630-816-2122
  • 630-816-2123
  • 630-816-2124
  • 630-816-2125
  • 630-816-2126
  • 630-816-2127
  • 630-816-2128
  • 630-816-2129
  • 630-816-2130
  • 630-816-2131
  • 630-816-2132
  • 630-816-2133
  • 630-816-2134
  • 630-816-2135
  • 630-816-2136
  • 630-816-2137
  • 630-816-2138
  • 630-816-2139
  • 630-816-2140
  • 630-816-2141
  • 630-816-2142
  • 630-816-2143
  • 630-816-2144
  • 630-816-2145
  • 630-816-2146
  • 630-816-2147
  • 630-816-2148
  • 630-816-2149
  • 630-816-2150
  • 630-816-2151
  • 630-816-2152
  • 630-816-2153
  • 630-816-2154
  • 630-816-2155
  • 630-816-2156
  • 630-816-2157
  • 630-816-2158
  • 630-816-2159

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    1. Russell says:


    2. Ian says:

      source capital 270-796-5036 12-1-08 The very same thing happened to me.  Calling for my boyfriend.  For Tax Liability Info. I am also on the Do not call list.  They have been calling for weeks and never leave a message.  If there is no message it isn't real!  I thought when you wanted to buy something, You went t o a store. Since when has it become that, you don't even know that you want to buy something and these people are telling you what you need to have! I scream in their ear and hope to blow out an ear drum or at least make them quit and get a real job!

    3. Amos says:

      I am receiving the same calls, and now they are starting to call my job.  I told her today that if they do not stop calling me at work that I will lose my job, so she said well I don't know what to tell you.  Then continued to say that if no payment is made in the next week that there will be more trouble because of a lawsuit.  I told her that I will be talking with my lawyer and if the calls continue at my job that I will file harrassment charges against them.  She was VERY rude and continued to tell me that there was nothing a lawyer could do.  I politely told her that I would be talking with an actually WF banker from now, so stop calling me.

    4. Andrew says:

      Wants to sell you a VA loan that you did not request.

    5. Myles says:

      Automated Spam from Fred @ (303) Area Code, selling Health Insurance.

    6. Antione says:

      Holloway Credit - a collection agency. Their toll-free number is 800-206-3073

    7. Lynwood says:

      Scientology number. Won't stop calling, even after telling them this number is on the no call list.

    8. Oswaldo says:

      Continuously getting calls form this number from 8:30-9 p.m. also before 8 a.m.

    9. Wilfred says:

      thank God i've checked this number here, before rating apartment from craigslist! This guy told me: ..So get back to me now if you are ready for the booking so that we can send you the booking agreement contract to fill out and secure your chosen date and the payment can be make via Money gram Looking forward to hear back from you regard.thank you sorry for what just said about the rental cheat but we are honest we dont do that on here in new york you can also call if you like speaking on the phone on 315-294-3803 and also you have ti sign the rental agreement contract then you make the deposit to reserve the apartment and pay the rest on your arrival day when hand over the keys to you and $200 will be refund back to you if nothing is not damage in the apartment thanks ...Be carefull and don't book anything! Thank you all!

    10. Antonia says:

      Called saying I owed several thousands of dollars on a credit card that was closed 10 years ago and they are going to garnish my wages if I don't pay up. I was a minor at the time of said incident. Do not know what they are talking about. Would not tell me the company name or who I was talking to on the phone, and the lady on the other end was very harsh. Tried calling back and the line has a busy tone all the time.

    11. Keneth says:

      216-830-3966 and 727-214-5862 We are Scientology Telemarketers operating out of Florida. We are relentless, and no matter what you do or say, we will continue to hound you, spammnig your telephone endlessly until you submit to our harrassment. Mari Bosant

    12. Markus says:

      don't know how got my number constantly calling me

    13. Cyril says:

      Called my office number at 4:02p ET. My number has area code 404 (Atlanta), although I'm physically in Toronto, Canada. Did not answer; no message.

    14. Emilio says:

      I keep getting calls from these jerks - EARLY in the morning - I understand they are :

    15. Claude says:

      They said I sighed up for something that I did not