661-420 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 661-420-2720
  • 661-420-2721
  • 661-420-2722
  • 661-420-2723
  • 661-420-2724
  • 661-420-2725
  • 661-420-2726
  • 661-420-2727
  • 661-420-2728
  • 661-420-2729
  • 661-420-2730
  • 661-420-2731
  • 661-420-2732
  • 661-420-2733
  • 661-420-2734
  • 661-420-2735
  • 661-420-2736
  • 661-420-2737
  • 661-420-2738
  • 661-420-2739
  • 661-420-2740
  • 661-420-2741
  • 661-420-2742
  • 661-420-2743
  • 661-420-2744
  • 661-420-2745
  • 661-420-2746
  • 661-420-2747
  • 661-420-2748
  • 661-420-2749
  • 661-420-2750
  • 661-420-2751
  • 661-420-2752
  • 661-420-2753
  • 661-420-2754
  • 661-420-2755
  • 661-420-2756
  • 661-420-2757
  • 661-420-2758
  • 661-420-2759

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    1. Mitchel says:

      They keep calling. Collection agency.

    2. Chuck says:

      Congrats u won a prize etc etc

    3. Efrain says:

      Caller ID: NELNET which stands for National Education Loan Network. Collection agency for student loans???

    4. Lynwood says:

      I am selling a power chair on Craig's List.  The ad talks about condition of the item, etc.  I also received a text message asking the condition of the item as well.  Here's the text that I received, identical to the post from 3/27/2013.

    5. Milan says:

      Called and didn't leave a message. I'm in CA.

    6. Salvador says:

      That phone number is connected to a scam email address posted on hotjobs.com ----------------------------------Marketing Communications SupervisorKitchen Fair (div. of Regal Ware) in Arlington, TX seeks Marketing Communications Supervisor for Mexico and Latin America to dev. & prod. all field comms & promo programs. Req's Bach in Marketing, Graphic Design, Communication or related field + 2 yrs exp. Design program exp & fluency in spoken & written Spanish req. No Calls. Fax resume 262-626-3600. or 16244@DFWapply.com

    7. Glenn says:

      this dude is a f****ng scam artist. i went threw the same s*** everybody went threw felt weird about it. googled the number and this pops up!!!! google is the s***!

    8. Jimmie says:

      knew a girl from the frats that always had bruises round her face from giving so many bj's

    9. Valentin says:

      Says he's from the IRS......very bad accent can't understand anything

    10. Timmy says:

      Collections agency - they bought an outstanding business debt.

    11. Chas says:

      I received my monthly bill from Windstream showing a $20.20 charge for a collect call!  We have never accepted a collect call from anyone at any time, or ever for that matter.  Who the heck accepts a collect call from someone they don't even know.  We never even spoke with anyone saying it was  a collect call.  We've just had those "press this button to be removed from our calling list".. If that was it, it still doesn't match up, cause this call is showing for 14.0 minutes.. I'm sure we would remember talking to someone collect for 14 minutes!  Be careful and watch your bill!  I'm having to call OSP Communications (800-736-7500) to dispute it.

    12. Jessie says:

      Investment broker cold call.

    13. Newton says:

      who was this?? I just heard a bunch of echoing loud noise in the background!!

    14. Colton says:

      I have received many calls from this number (Rachel) from card holder services. Today 1/4/11...the number actually appeared on called ID as it is usually an unknown caller. I answered...and it was the auto recording (rachel)...in the past I always press 9 to screw with them...and like other people...they end up hanging up on me. I always ask them which card they are talking about...and they always come back with "oh your visa or mastercard"...and I always ask them...yeah...but which one...you called me about MY card...so how do you know I have one and which one are you talking about....so then I'm like...oh wait...I don't have any credit cards...and they hang up. The reverse number lists this 304-445-5940 as a wireless caller. I tried callling it back...but it does a funny beep beep ring and then stops.

    15. Long says:

      817-725-4610 is the number I got the text from last week using this same email address request. judymorgan4love@yahoo.com