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    1. Milford says:

      This person sent text messages trying to get me to take a picture of my socks and send it to them. Repeatedly texting until i stopped answering. Said her name was heather and she would send a pic if i sent a picture of my socks. LOLThen proceeded to Swear telling me she woudnt forget that I didn't help her.

    2. Julio says:

      this number called, but no one talked on the other end. no identifier in the call display

    3. Florencio says:

      multiple calls - no message, just silence - if you call back, vm saying that you've reached our customer service..please leave a name and #, we'll call you back. Have reported it to local authorities.

    4. Brett says:

      By the way if you live in St Louis or Jefferson County there is a lawfirm that is looking for clients to sue them :) - google Brinkman & Alterman or Dynamic Recovery Solutions

    5. Carmen says:

      I Hope this can help someone.  I am waiting to see if "what Verizon Finally told me" Works!!  The Messages that keep coming in have something to do with your "Mobile Email".  Tell Verizon (technical support), to "Undo" your mobile Email (just for a few moments) and THEN.. Download your Mobile Email Again!!  It will cost you nothing and you probably can do it yourself without technical assistance too.  I don't know How Right Verizon is.  They were wrong before when I needed help with this!  They told me they would BLOCK this number but I STILL got these STUPID messages, "back to back," at anytime of day or night!!   Well, I'm hoping that what they just did will finally STOP this, once and for all.  Don't ask me WHAT our "Mobile email" has to do with these BREW 118012222269 messages.  I don't know!  But I do know that I was FINALLY told that the word BREW is a "Code" word for Mobile Email and somebody's making money, or trying to, On Us!!  (if you reply to that text, you will be charged by Verizon for it too!)  Good luck and again... I'm still waiting myself to see if what they did Today has finally fixed this problem for myself!  I'll post back in a couple weeks, to let you know if it worked or Not!!

    6. Shelton says:

      Too broke to know my name cant even have fast food from the dollar menu so if you like them young and cheap he is the one for you

    7. Teddy says:

      Nothing they hang up before I say anything

    8. Glenn says:

      I have received multiple calls on my cell phone from this number over the past few days. Since I don't recognize the number, I always let it go to voicemail, hoping they'll leave a message, but they never do.

    9. Irving says:

      Please make them stop. 5 calls back to back daily.

    10. Mikel says:

      Caller ID said Prevention. They asked for my son, oddly enough. Told them wrong number...

    11. Dalton says:

      I also received a collect call from Stanislaus County Men's Jail.  Voice Mail picked up the recording.  Gotta feel bad for the guy dialing the wrong number with his one phone call.

    12. Dustin says:

      A scam claiming to be offering jobs but clearly seeking to take vital information from you.

    13. Eldridge says:

      Talking about FBI bull crap

    14. Glen says:

      I also keep getting these calls after repeatedly asking them to stop,i was looking up the number for the BBB and the no call list complaint line and out of curiosity looked up the name michael brewer,who happened to be a little boy in fla that was doused with alcohol and set on fire,i dont know if using this name for the line was intentional but if so its a classless move on thier part.(sorry for grammatical errors)

    15. Frank says:

      I got a call today from that number today. Didn't pick up..