678-774 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 678-774-5560
  • 678-774-5561
  • 678-774-5562
  • 678-774-5563
  • 678-774-5564
  • 678-774-5565
  • 678-774-5566
  • 678-774-5567
  • 678-774-5568
  • 678-774-5569
  • 678-774-5570
  • 678-774-5571
  • 678-774-5572
  • 678-774-5573
  • 678-774-5574
  • 678-774-5575
  • 678-774-5576
  • 678-774-5577
  • 678-774-5578
  • 678-774-5579
  • 678-774-5580
  • 678-774-5581
  • 678-774-5582
  • 678-774-5583
  • 678-774-5584
  • 678-774-5585
  • 678-774-5586
  • 678-774-5587
  • 678-774-5588
  • 678-774-5589
  • 678-774-5590
  • 678-774-5591
  • 678-774-5592
  • 678-774-5593
  • 678-774-5594
  • 678-774-5595
  • 678-774-5596
  • 678-774-5597
  • 678-774-5598
  • 678-774-5599

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    1. Bryon says:

      Call on cell phone. No voice mail so no message.

    2. Maria says:

      call 4-5 times and never leave a message

    3. Leland says:

      yes, couple times and when i answer no one is on the other side.

    4. Ali says:

      Same thing, they called work, asked to confirm my name, and it disconnected.

    5. Nolan says:

      just got the call didnt answer, tried calling back and said "not a working number"

    6. Oscar says:

      FROM THE DESK DR Sanusi Lamido Sanusi EXECUTIVE GOVERNOR, CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN) (OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR) CONTRACT #: MAV/NNPC/FGN/MIN/010, Swift Code: BPH KPL PK, A/C#: 329606=101244=169=678 CENTRAL BANK NIGERIA. Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CBX/021/011 We have received today payment credit instruction from the new President of Federal Government of Nigeria (DR JONATHAN GOODLUCK)to credit your account with your full inheritance funds from the Nigerian reserve account with our bank. This is to notify you that your funds (14.7million dollars) has been programmed for immediate release into your nominated account but we can not transfer this funds direct to your nominated bank account, because we are having a little problem with International Monetary Fund (IMF) so our method of payment is by Diplomatic Courier Service

    7. Roman says:

      I got called on my cell too, it showed a california number.  i live in canada.  how annoying!!  and of course no one on the other end.

    8. Nicky says:

      Roberts home phone 586-623-5523ring his phone and disturb him...

    9. Antony says:

      Girl scamming for food money over seas. Sends hot pic then claims no money, asks you to wire it

    10. Graig says:

      YouWager.com.  They called me today and left a message.  Said it VERY IMPORTANT that I call them back but they didn't identify who they were; except for an inaudible first name.  I believe the reference number they gave me was my account number- from many years ago....

    11. Steve says:

      I receive calls from 209-740-9836 several times a week.  I have waited on the phone through the silence long enough for a person with an accent so heavy he can barely be understood and major background noise.  He claims to be with "Medical Services".  He states that he has received a report from my doctor that I or someone in my household has taken one or more of several drugs that may have side effects.  I always cut him off by demanding that I be taken off their calling list.  A day or two will go by and the calls begin again.  So much for the do not call list.  It has turned into the biggest calling list out there.

    12. Norbert says:

      person is prank calling several numbers..with threats

    13. Jeramy says:

      No one is answering the call when I pick up the phone. when I call the number back i get an error. no area code is associated with this number. these calls from 268-0005 need to stop immediately.

    14. Benny says:

      Solicitaron enviara dinero por western union a un representante de EBAY Motors por la compra de un carro y este numero aparece en la transaccion . . . .

    15. Thaddeus says:

      Spam text to try an Apple I-pad