682-222 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 682-222-4360
  • 682-222-4361
  • 682-222-4362
  • 682-222-4363
  • 682-222-4364
  • 682-222-4365
  • 682-222-4366
  • 682-222-4367
  • 682-222-4368
  • 682-222-4369
  • 682-222-4370
  • 682-222-4371
  • 682-222-4372
  • 682-222-4373
  • 682-222-4374
  • 682-222-4375
  • 682-222-4376
  • 682-222-4377
  • 682-222-4378
  • 682-222-4379
  • 682-222-4380
  • 682-222-4381
  • 682-222-4382
  • 682-222-4383
  • 682-222-4384
  • 682-222-4385
  • 682-222-4386
  • 682-222-4387
  • 682-222-4388
  • 682-222-4389
  • 682-222-4390
  • 682-222-4391
  • 682-222-4392
  • 682-222-4393
  • 682-222-4394
  • 682-222-4395
  • 682-222-4396
  • 682-222-4397
  • 682-222-4398
  • 682-222-4399

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    1. Carter says:

      Mr. Fabinski offered me a opportunity for employment with his firm in Asset Management.I have worked very diligently and have had some small sucess in a short period of time.I can see a very bright future with this company and have set long and short term goals for myself. If you are self driven, not afraid to work hard, this is the best opportunity I have ever found. You can work part-time or full-time and they will work around your work/school schedule.

    2. Lyle says:

      Fake number. Can't even respond back. SPAM.

    3. Ben says:

      Credit card winner. Not good

    4. Brian says:

      This little punk texted me saying he wishes my litle grl gets sick with an un curable illness and dies. this 18 yr. old boy says that about my 2 month old.

    5. Greg says:

      It is so annoying! We get called 10 times a day by this number and 3 voicemails a day of just noise. When we answer they hang up.

    6. Edison says:

      I only ever get a voicemail from this number. When I call my voicemail to hear the message it simply says that the number I've called cannot be reached.

    7. Arnulfo says:

      Child calling escorts off BACKPAGE.COM and asking illicit questions to the prostitute while masturbating.

    8. Lowell says:

      No message left, with Telus in British Columbia

    9. Don says:

      Received a text from 1-100-100-5079 that had four numbers and that's all in the body. The same 4 numbers that are my voice mail password.

    10. Milan says:

      Folks, read the frigging comments! It's not a scam or spam. It's a sprint survey asking about a recent call you made to sprint.

    11. Jules says:

      Just had a call from this number...

    12. Dustin says:

      Our business is also having problems: this is our ongoing story..Received phone call from Business Directory on 4/9/2013: He asked for Sandra I said she no longer works for company, then he gave me an attitude about how he wants to cancel our business service and I tried to explain to him that we do not have or need any service for directory and he said that is what I’m calling about. So then I kept asking him how I could help him since we are going around in circles and he said you didn’t ask me how you could help me he said you asked the name of the company. I then realized he was being hostel for no reason so I then asked him again how can I help him he just said he will call back and then hung up. However he proceeds to call back 3 or 4times and just randomly hang up.

    13. Lyndon says:

      Received 2 phone calls from this number within 2 minutes of each other but did not answer either call (CID) because the area code looked weird or suspicious.

    14. Nickolas says:

      I received a call @ 1 AM CT; answer machine was on but no one left a message. I called back a few minutes ago and call when directly to a voicemail. I didn't tag the information (other than phone #) from caller ID but will check it again later

    15. Cleveland says:

      They call us every day at least 3 to 4 times a day and it is really annoying.Also when you try to call them back they never answer. They never stop.Please tell these mother fer's to stop calling.