701-948 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 701-948-0280
  • 701-948-0281
  • 701-948-0282
  • 701-948-0283
  • 701-948-0284
  • 701-948-0285
  • 701-948-0286
  • 701-948-0287
  • 701-948-0288
  • 701-948-0289
  • 701-948-0290
  • 701-948-0291
  • 701-948-0292
  • 701-948-0293
  • 701-948-0294
  • 701-948-0295
  • 701-948-0296
  • 701-948-0297
  • 701-948-0298
  • 701-948-0299
  • 701-948-0300
  • 701-948-0301
  • 701-948-0302
  • 701-948-0303
  • 701-948-0304
  • 701-948-0305
  • 701-948-0306
  • 701-948-0307
  • 701-948-0308
  • 701-948-0309
  • 701-948-0310
  • 701-948-0311
  • 701-948-0312
  • 701-948-0313
  • 701-948-0314
  • 701-948-0315
  • 701-948-0316
  • 701-948-0317
  • 701-948-0318
  • 701-948-0319

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    1. Porfirio says:

      He asked for Janne. I asked him what is this about.  He didn't answer but kept asking to speak to Janne.  Then he went silent.

    2. Alex says:

      This number is owned by a fraudulent company. They will tell you that there are charges against you and you must call another number to stop the charges. I have called my local police department....this is not legal. DO NOT PAY THEM...THEY are low-life criminals to bottom feed from hard working people so they don't have to get real jobs themselves. They prey on fear and lack of knowledge. Don't allow them to get away with it. Remember, they may have your information but nothing else they say is real.

    3. Jan says:

      One text, 11-4-12, 12:21 PM EST: "Hey (name), not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.smoke55.com is giving away free e-cig trials. -John"

    4. Houston says:

      Just got one on the 9th, I am from Ontario, Canada. No message and called my cell.

    5. Chas says:

      The above was the text message I received on my phone.

    6. Gale says:

      this was a robocall from "Cardmember Services" which I believe is a Credit Card scam

    7. Irwin says:

      just got a call from this number but hung up as soon as i heard spanish my phone has been tapped into by someone and i dont know what to do.

    8. Eugenio says:

      so i just called them back and tried to get a adderss and thye would not give me one, i asked for a mailing address, so that i could send them a cease and desist letter for calling my employer. hummmm that is strange for a legitamate company, am i correct.

    9. Antione says:

      I got a call from this number yesterday, said his name was "Adam' (heavily accented) and that he was from 'Windows' and that there was 'malicious software' on my computer etc etc etc.  I got extremely annoyed with him and hung up after taking down his number.  Kicked my child off the computer and started running scans.

    10. Morgan says:

      WCA Offer Clearing House......wtf?!?

    11. Shane says:

      yes trying to get personal info solictation call

    12. Will says:

      got a text that said "Please call me"

    13. Christopher says:

      $50 in free food call 877-859-5631 now and receive your FREE $50 dining gift certificate to a local restaurant of your choice.RPLY STOP TO OPT OUT

    14. Lance says:

      They called me today (unknown caller) and said they were from Windows Live Help. I asked him his phone number and why he was calling me. He said he is calling from 206-201-2349 and said he was from Ontario. There is no area code from Ontarion starting with 206.... The person i spoke with was oriental/indian and had a thick accent . After telling him i didn't have a computer he said it must be a wrong number. After my persistent requests of who he really was and what number he was calling from, he repeated the phone number twice and then hung up on me as I was asking questions of who he really was...Love these scam people, what idiots....BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE*****SCAM*****

    15. Lamont says: