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    1. Earl says:

      Here we go again, I saw this number on the caller id, looked it up on here and looks like we have another group of scammers.  Now again with me working in law enforcement, I decided to call the number back, and wpuld love to talk to these individuals, I want to tell them to fax the paperwork to my department, you know to make things easier for them, and so I could obtain their information for when I file a countersuit or criminal charges.  I called the number and it just rings and rings, about 50 to 100 times before it disconnects.  Kind of funny, no answering machine, no recording, you would th ok nk yhat a place that calls themselves the civil legal division or whatever imaginary name they have concocted would be a little more sophisticated than this. Keep calling me and I am looking forward to our chat

    2. Stuart says:

      yes, just got the same message Steve - very dodgy.

    3. Sammy says:

      These fools keep calling my work and tell me I am being sued for something or other. Heck you can't even understand the fool. There must be something we can do to stop them from harassing people.

    4. Gerry says:

      they don't say nothing just call and hang up on me

    5. Abdul says:

      That number is a collection agency I've had them call about my Citibank student loans.

    6. Sean says:

      They are saying that I won something but I'm not buying it.

    7. Marion says:

      Voice says that for participating in a survey (??), I won one of three prizes. I hung up.

    8. Christian says:

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    9. Fausto says:

      have received 2 calls in the last 2 days from this number when I answered no one was there and when I called back it appears the number is not in service....wish we had more information????

    10. Nathaniel says:

      My husband got several calls today from that same number from a guy who said his name was Samuel.  He was asking for me and my husband would tell him I wasn't there and he would still keep calling back.  I guess I will have to block the phone number.

    11. Ricardo says:

      i dont know who this is and they called 4 times almost in a row

    12. Ramon says:

      Someone from this number wanted to sell me drugs.then they realized they dialed wrong

    13. Jean says:

      block this number for good

    14. Alphonse says:

      call at 6:45 am today ,told me my computer had crashed.I got a name Richard and another number (1403800763)and I told him I call him back

    15. Prince says:

      Just received similar call to others.  Looking for a phone number for a neighbor of mine.  The caller was very vague about why.  Actually wanted me to go to my neighbor and get the number or ask them to call, and then call her back.  I said, why would you think I would want to inject myself into a scenario that I know nothing about and you refuse to elaborate on.  Good luck and good bye!