704-810 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 704-810-3360
  • 704-810-3361
  • 704-810-3362
  • 704-810-3363
  • 704-810-3364
  • 704-810-3365
  • 704-810-3366
  • 704-810-3367
  • 704-810-3368
  • 704-810-3369
  • 704-810-3370
  • 704-810-3371
  • 704-810-3372
  • 704-810-3373
  • 704-810-3374
  • 704-810-3375
  • 704-810-3376
  • 704-810-3377
  • 704-810-3378
  • 704-810-3379
  • 704-810-3380
  • 704-810-3381
  • 704-810-3382
  • 704-810-3383
  • 704-810-3384
  • 704-810-3385
  • 704-810-3386
  • 704-810-3387
  • 704-810-3388
  • 704-810-3389
  • 704-810-3390
  • 704-810-3391
  • 704-810-3392
  • 704-810-3393
  • 704-810-3394
  • 704-810-3395
  • 704-810-3396
  • 704-810-3397
  • 704-810-3398
  • 704-810-3399

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    1. Man says:

      They have called my house 4 times today and leave no message. I called there office last week to tell them to stop harassing me and still this happened every day.

    2. Harry says:

      Identify themselves as wells fargo but it's a recorded message not having anything to do with wells fargo

    3. Deon says:

      I had just decided to look at the long distance calls that show up on my landline bill and I found two calls on July 21, 2013 from this number in Bayonne, NJ. I knew I didn't make them, but my phone company charged me .05 for each call.After looking the number up on the internet and seeing it was a scam I called my phone co. and told them about it. I was informed that I made the calls, of course I told them I didn't. They said they would do an investigation into this and in 30 days they would send me a report stating either they found I did make the calls or I didn't make the calls.I have gathered some info from the internet and printed it out in case they want to say I made the calls.I can't figure out how the scammers did this or what they would get out of it.

    4. Tanner says:

      Got one as well for my truck on Kijiji. This guy's name is Charlie-carter Morgan. Same scam. Wanted me to front $1100 via Western Union to Hakeem Jackson. I was almost dumb enough to believe it.

    5. Chance says:

      There was no answer.And the call kept my line tied up for several minutes.

    6. Carmine says:

      Keep calling me but neva say a word n all i hear is male voices in da back ground

    7. Ike says:

      They hang up when the answering machine comes on

    8. Luciano says:

      Collection call. They can't tell you what company you know. They are just collecting money...lol

    9. Alton says:

      this phone number stated its very good for tired feet, taking time to suck on each toe rubbin and into more details about massaging. Very very disturbing and unacceptable. How do these people get phone numbers?

    10. Elmo says:

      Im not sure who this person is but they called me from 2 different numbers. When I blocked one number they called from a different one. The name they gave was Pastor Travis Jackson. He keeps on leaving a recorded message of miracles he can perform and keeps inviting me to come to some hotel by the airport.

    11. Haywood says:

      They hang up every time I pick up

    12. Clinton says:

      Don't answer !! Advertising !!

    13. Wilber says:

      Woke me up on my nap and had the nerve to raise voice to me. They kind of treat me as if I am a criminal or as if I have a large debt from them. I am not even the person they are looking for.

    14. Gabriel says:

      Automated voice message offering Target gift card

    15. Calvin says:

      a friend of mine has been getting collect calls from this number.