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    1. Herman says:

      Penta Group has been calling my house for months now asking for some unknown person to me. I asked them to stop calling and twice they said they would and I just received another call and when I said that person does not leave here you have the wrong # they said nothing and when I mentioned that they were not supposed to call her any more they just hung up.

    2. Efren says:

      I got a call from this number and selling some home security and asked to me to press 3 to schedule an appointment. i would block such calls

    3. Benito says:

      Tellermarketer don't answer... Auto USA is the Company.

    4. Marco says:

      Questionable. Said they were KCRW and asked me to update my credit card information, when I know for a fact it's up to day. Be careful!

    5. Christoper says:

      Just got the text. Don't click it. I did not click it and make sure you don't either. It's a scam. Delete the entire thread if you got it in a text.

    6. Kieth says:

      A couple people have emailed me regarding this phone number.  My company (RPM Films) USED to have this number through RingCentral, but I gave it up more than a year ago.  While we do specialize in industrial, corporate and legal videos (as well as short films) we do not represent any legal entity. If you get a phone call from them representing themselves as such I want it clear that they are in no way related to my company.

    7. Donovan says:

      Think the name is air serv selling area franchise

    8. Morris says:

      I got a call today as well but when I answered nobody responded to me.  When I called back I was connected to Xcel and my bill was over due cause my auto pay did not go into effect when I thought it did. This number is legit

    9. Palmer says:

      This guy also did the same thing, but it was to my uncle. And he said that he was coming to visit but that the airport officials stopped him because he had too much money on him. This guy asked my uncle if he could deposit $800 in a money exchange house (the house was called Orlandy Valuta). But he told my uncle to do all of this in Tijuana. And we ended up calling our family members on Mexico and found out that no one was coming to visit and that the phone call was all fake. Someone needs to stop this guy.

    10. Freddie says:

      They first called about diabetic supplies. When I refused, they call & hang up multiple times during the day.

    11. Hans says:

      yeah i am getting the same phone calls from this number. he says his name is officer adam brown supposedly and telling me that there are legal matters against my name and my ssn for check fraud and when i ask him from where he won't tell me. watch out for these phone calls.

    12. Dwayne says:

      A Leader in Disability RightsThey are the largest national community-based organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. They encompass all ages and all spectrums from autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X and various other developmental disabilities.

    13. Tobias says:

      got a call but no message was left

    14. Kasey says:

      received three calls from this number . . . they left no message but when you call the number back it immediately hangs up! first i thought it may be my boyfriends X (cuz some women crazy like that) but is there anyway to block the number????

    15. Rod says:

      I got 2 phone calls in a day from the number. Answered the 2nd time and they knew my name. I asked how they knew my name and they said I filled out online registrations for gift cards. In which I did not. I asked to be put on the do not call list and the guys response was "sir I can't do that. The only person that can do that is on a yacht in the carribean." I told him he was full of it and he said he would put me on the call back list and hung up. I called the number back and the same person answered claiming to be the floor supervisor. I told him if he didn't put me on the DNC list I would prosecute. He agreed to do so then as we were hanging up he said "syke, I ain't putting you on the DNC list" and he was gone.