716-655 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 716-655-2040
  • 716-655-2041
  • 716-655-2042
  • 716-655-2043
  • 716-655-2044
  • 716-655-2045
  • 716-655-2046
  • 716-655-2047
  • 716-655-2048
  • 716-655-2049
  • 716-655-2050
  • 716-655-2051
  • 716-655-2052
  • 716-655-2053
  • 716-655-2054
  • 716-655-2055
  • 716-655-2056
  • 716-655-2057
  • 716-655-2058
  • 716-655-2059
  • 716-655-2060
  • 716-655-2061
  • 716-655-2062
  • 716-655-2063
  • 716-655-2064
  • 716-655-2065
  • 716-655-2066
  • 716-655-2067
  • 716-655-2068
  • 716-655-2069
  • 716-655-2070
  • 716-655-2071
  • 716-655-2072
  • 716-655-2073
  • 716-655-2074
  • 716-655-2075
  • 716-655-2076
  • 716-655-2077
  • 716-655-2078
  • 716-655-2079

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    1. Oscar says:

      Unanswered- the # is obviously not legit

    2. Bertram says:

      this man purports to be renting me an apartment in Huntington Beach, California - asking me to wire money from the UK via Western Union and has given me this Tracy number to call (500 miles way? - but he says he iwllopen the apartment for me). his emails are bad English and have included a Christian rant about trust!

    3. Carmine says:

      call stating to go to a website if you want more money (spam)

    4. Cecil says:

      come do it... you know wat i got waiting for you

    5. Rey says:

      Got a call from the same number.  His name was Tony (arab) I asked him to take me off of the call list and he said no, he can't do that. I then said that it was a law when I tell them to take me off they have to. He then said, I was picked from the computer and there was no list.  Then I asked him if he was refusing to take me off the list and he hung up! What a dick!

    6. Graig says:

      Received text from this number wanting me to claim my Free IPad 2.

    7. Mauricio says:

      Wanting to place sign in yard for free security system.

    8. Florencio says:

      Attorney is harassing me looking for someone that I don't know. I have repeatedley informed them that they have the wrong number

    9. Royce says:

      Lowering credit card interest scam

    10. Ronny says:

      A scam collection company called Dynamic Recovery Solutions. Buys mostly time barred debt in the hopes that you will pay.

    11. Cory says:

      Foreign sounding person. Hung up on him.

    12. Jordon says:

      called and left message. this is Virginia College, a legitimate number, left a toll-free callback #

    13. Santiago says:

      Yeah I got one of those too

    14. Don says:

      ... they initially sent my phone a text saying I was selected to receive a $1,000 Wal-Mart Gift Card... It's sad that people can run these scams with no consequences whatsoever. What makes it worse is that these things ACTUALLY make lots of money by ripping innocent, gullible, people off whether it be for 99 cents a person or $5 a pop. All because there are trusting people out there that not only think they will win contests they never signed up for but also think that no one on Earth would lie about a gift card to get them to give their banking information out and then have their entire account wiped out by some third-world "business"..."free money doesn't cost a cent"

    15. Carmen says:

      Thank you for this because they just called me to tell me they needed me to send them money via Western Union.  I thought I better look online to see if it was on the up and up.  Turns out that they aren't.  Thank you so much for letting me know.