717-699 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 717-699-3680
  • 717-699-3681
  • 717-699-3682
  • 717-699-3683
  • 717-699-3684
  • 717-699-3685
  • 717-699-3686
  • 717-699-3687
  • 717-699-3688
  • 717-699-3689
  • 717-699-3690
  • 717-699-3691
  • 717-699-3692
  • 717-699-3693
  • 717-699-3694
  • 717-699-3695
  • 717-699-3696
  • 717-699-3697
  • 717-699-3698
  • 717-699-3699
  • 717-699-3700
  • 717-699-3701
  • 717-699-3702
  • 717-699-3703
  • 717-699-3704
  • 717-699-3705
  • 717-699-3706
  • 717-699-3707
  • 717-699-3708
  • 717-699-3709
  • 717-699-3710
  • 717-699-3711
  • 717-699-3712
  • 717-699-3713
  • 717-699-3714
  • 717-699-3715
  • 717-699-3716
  • 717-699-3717
  • 717-699-3718
  • 717-699-3719

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    1. Elbert says:

      no texts from this number!

    2. Stanton says:

      block all text and let caller know

    3. Jesus says:

      A text about a loan how do these people get my number

    4. Chong says:

      They called us again today. Same thing happened. Nobody on the other end of the line, then it went dead after 10 seconds.

    5. Johnie says:

      I've been getting calls from this number too since I received my new phone number from Qwest - sometimes up to five times a day. Unfortunately it will take 31 days before the DoNotCall registration kicks in. I contacted Qwest and was told that they have no control about it since phone numbers are "public information." I asked Qwest why they say personal information is confidential while they share (or sell) phone numbers to people unknown to the account holder. Anyway, I answered one of the calls from this number and the man on the other line kept on responding to me with "why?" I asked him to stop calling me and he asked "why?" I told him it bothers me that they call me a lot and I don't even know them and his response was "why?" I asked him if he understands me and his response was....."why?"

    6. Jeramy says:

      Messaged me about finding my true love. what the heck, I dont need this coming to my home phone!

    7. Eliseo says:

      Trying to solicit credit merchant accounts ... SPAM!!!

    8. Fritz says:

      They call everyday!!!Very annoying. I never answered it because I knew it's one of those sales call..

    9. Adolfo says:

      called in didn't say nothing

    10. Christian says:

      It's spam just got this number...this person keeps calling me at all hours.

    11. Chris says:

      I get occasional calls from this number. Called about 5 times before today. Left message this time only. It is someone I know. I have no way of calling back this number.

    12. Major says:

      They call every so often and hang up or doesn't leave voicemail.

    13. Maximo says:

      They are leaving messages for someone that no longer has this number and they are harassing me.

    14. Christian says:

      I work for the Federal Government and I received a call from First State Attorneys office as well.  Told them I have no idea what they are talking about and assumed they have the wrong person but they read off the last four of my SS number which really freaked me out!  Tried to do a reverse look up on the phone number which is 209-580-6062 and it came up unpublished but eventually brought me to this site.  After reading this I called them over and over and hung up, pushed buttons on my phone to be annoying,  and finally some foreign guy answered and said he could not believe I am doing this, then started to answer the phone "hello" which you know would not be allowed at any reputable business.  Said they wish me luck because there are bad things to come to me for not taking care of my debts.  Creepy to say the least.

    15. Merlin says:

      some guy answered who said he dialed my number by mistake but yet I have had several calls from this same area a bunch of times. A most curious thing. The name on this particular number is Lori E. Wathen.