717-818 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 717-818-1762
  • 717-818-1763
  • 717-818-1764
  • 717-818-1765
  • 717-818-1766
  • 717-818-1767
  • 717-818-1768
  • 717-818-1769
  • 717-818-1770
  • 717-818-1771
  • 717-818-1772
  • 717-818-1773
  • 717-818-1774
  • 717-818-1775
  • 717-818-1776
  • 717-818-1777
  • 717-818-1778
  • 717-818-1779
  • 717-818-1780
  • 717-818-1781
  • 717-818-1782
  • 717-818-1783
  • 717-818-1784
  • 717-818-1785
  • 717-818-1786
  • 717-818-1787
  • 717-818-1788
  • 717-818-1789
  • 717-818-1790
  • 717-818-1791
  • 717-818-1792
  • 717-818-1793
  • 717-818-1794
  • 717-818-1795
  • 717-818-1796
  • 717-818-1797
  • 717-818-1798
  • 717-818-1799

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    1. Lowell says:

      I applied for a loan as well and i was just about to hand over the money to bug she kept talking to fast for me so i got frustrated and backed out of the situation

    2. Cameron says:

      I get 2 or 3 calls DAILY from this #, but never any msg on V/M. I don't ever pick up unknown calls. If these b*****ds would leave a V/M, w/ the reason for the call, I might call them back. Otherwise, NO message NO callback!!

    3. Jefferson says:

      Received 2 calls from this #...James Sherman on the caller id. Nobody on the line by the time I answered and I got a recording both times stating that the # is no longer in service. Calls were between 7 and 8:00 in the evening.

    4. Grant says:

      Sounded like a woman - left a message; said two unintelligible words before cutting out.

    5. Roger says:

      Called them back and got a recording that said to press 1 and

    6. Jame says:

      They called me on my cell asked for me by my first and last name and also stated my actual social security number and asked if i was this person and if this was my social. The guy had a non american accent either od Indian or Iranian decent, he said that I needed to get a lawyer and that i had an outstanding loan balance with some payday advance or something. I tried to communicate with this moron to ask where he got my information and what type of business he was calling me from and he would not disclose any information he just kept saying sorry, sorry, sorry and hung up. Im having the number investigated and calling the credit agencies to have my information flagged and blocked. Obviously their is a major information gap/leak with the American privacy policies acts and Im tired of it!!

    7. Trent says:

      call frequently, no voice

    8. Jan says:

      They called numerous times. Sometimes, offered free subscriptions of magazines and sometimes they simply hung up. I asked them to remove me from the list a couple times, they continue doing it. A pretty aggressive and annoying caller. Is there a way to deal with them?

    9. Tristan says:

      This number is from shopnbc asking for a credit card no. HARRASSING calls all the time from this number.

    10. Deandre says:

      Just got a voicemail from these people for BIGCASH.COM. Ughhhh you could hear the message from like a mile away and it wasn't on speaker phone.

    11. Mohammad says:

      I also got no phone call.....but I got a debit on my bank account on Jan 4, 2011.......I never heard of this, didn't order anything......WHY did this company debit my account????????????????????  I went to bank & filed a dispute so they can look into this.....called "FRAUD"....

    12. Adolph says:

      Same deal as above but I got name of caller "Jennifer" and number cause it did not show up on the caller ID. Scam I am sure.

    13. Emmett says:

      They keep calling at my company asking for the manager-director of the company. It seems they dont like that it is a woman in this position and they shut the phone down! they called again today and said that they will send a fax , after I said it was me the manager...

    14. Olin says:

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    15. Eusebio says:

      would not tell me who it was