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    1. Marlon says:

      Call me immediately. I need a statement from you or your attorney concerning an investigation I'm conducting.

    2. Jarrod says:

      I got this call today as well. I figured it was a scam. I reported it to western union and the local authorities. Don't give out your information. And if the government was giving you money, they would not call, they would just send it to you.

    3. Paul says:

      Did not answer...didnt leave a voice mail....mr. number did not know who it was...Blocking their number

    4. Carson says:

      Called 9 am. I don't answer unknown out of area calls anymore. This crap is getting really annoying. Some days 9 out of 10 calls are crap. 3 out of 4 already today and it is only 11am

    5. Branden says:

      I got an e-mail from "Wells Fargo" claiming that my "account was restricted." Of course I don't bank at Wells Fargo, and it is clearly a phishing scheme, but just out of curiosity I called the number. These guys have set up a low budget phone tree that tries to get you to input a credit card number and expiration date/security code. The number is well chosen, because there are Wells Fargo offices at that area code, so when you look it up on the internet, it looks like it could be legit. It isn't though...

    6. Bart says:

      It's OptionsHouse, an online brokerage firm.  They are calling to confirm an account you have recently opened.  When I got the message, I wanted to be sure, so I went to the OptionsHouse website and started an online chat with one of their agents.  They confirmed that this number is a valid OptionsHouse number.  They don't call you from this number trying to sell you anything or to try to get you to open an account.  If you haven't opened an account with them, then someone else has and has either accidently or intentionally used your phone number.

    7. Kim says:

      car warranty solicitation.

    8. Rico says:

      I just got a call. They left no message. (I live in Mesa, AZ)

    9. Marshall says:

      text:Apple is looking for ppl to test and keep the new iPad 3! But only the 1st 100 0 users that goto http://ipad3now.co and enter code BETA will receive it!I believe this is Spam.

    10. Columbus says:

      This number called and hung up and recorded me without voicemail options.

    11. Rubin says:


    12. Sung says:

      This is a scam. The person calling from this number claims to be an investigator Joseph Daniels, is a rude and very unprofessional person. Call the number back, and you get a warbling recording of what sounds like a young girl stating you have reached the office of Joseph Daniels, please leave you phone number and citation number and your call will be returned. This is a scam to the highest degree, do not give this quack any of your personal information.

    13. Bart says:

      Called 4-9 times a day trying to find a "college " for me

    14. Maurice says:

      When I answered, they just hung up.  I called the number back and it said thank you for calling Premium Services, please hold.  Some answered and said how may I direct your call.  I told them that someone from that number had called me, she told me to hold and then hung up.  I am getting so sick and tired of these annoying, irritating, useless phone calls every day.  I have entered my number on the do not call registry, which apparently is some sort of joke because it obviously does nothing.  

    15. Andreas says:

      You don't meet them she makes you send the money and you never hear from them again.