719-974 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 719-974-0080
  • 719-974-0081
  • 719-974-0082
  • 719-974-0083
  • 719-974-0084
  • 719-974-0085
  • 719-974-0086
  • 719-974-0087
  • 719-974-0088
  • 719-974-0089
  • 719-974-0090
  • 719-974-0091
  • 719-974-0092
  • 719-974-0093
  • 719-974-0094
  • 719-974-0095
  • 719-974-0096
  • 719-974-0097
  • 719-974-0098
  • 719-974-0099
  • 719-974-0100
  • 719-974-0101
  • 719-974-0102
  • 719-974-0103
  • 719-974-0104
  • 719-974-0105
  • 719-974-0106
  • 719-974-0107
  • 719-974-0108
  • 719-974-0109
  • 719-974-0110
  • 719-974-0111
  • 719-974-0112
  • 719-974-0113
  • 719-974-0114
  • 719-974-0115
  • 719-974-0116
  • 719-974-0117
  • 719-974-0118
  • 719-974-0119

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    1. Jamar says:

      Healthcare recorded solicitation

    2. Joe says:

      I have received a number of calls from this number and delete and don't pickup.  I have a "No Solicitors" block on my phone so don't know why this gets through.

    3. Lucien says:

      This morning at 3 in the morning I started getting these texts. I have gotten a total of about 30 by now, live here in SA with Tmobile. I tried the going online to Tmobile and tried the configuration thing. Didn't work at all, continued to get them even more frequently it seemed. I finally called Tmobile and the rep told me the only way to fix this problem is by blocking all incoming 3 or 4 digit numbers. Which she did. Thank God I haven't receving another one since.

    4. Alonso says:

      Why would Whirlpool Company be calling me I don't live in this area????

    5. Forest says:

      Call came with this number listed on my ID.  Does anyone know who owns this number?

    6. Weldon says:

      This jerk keeps calling day after day. Waste of my time because the jerk never leaves a message. If this is a business it is totally unprofessional. Unfortunately individuals like this waste everyone's time.

    7. Damion says:

      i have also recieved many of these calls i have hung up an they just call right back my daughter told me that it more then likely was a scam. the man that called me name was robert he had a very heavy indain accent he told me not to interupt him while he read the affadavid. I then put my daughter on the phone an she got rude right back an told the guy that we had all the proof we needed that there was no money ever put in the account an hung up they called back she told then good luck with suing me an told them if they called the phone again she would have them for harrasment an they havent called back yet...

    8. Sol says:

      These people are try hard scammers. They are even going to the trouble of spreading disinformation on various Internet forums. The ATO is not going to call you and no one from the ATO sits around all day on Internet forums telling us that their phone numbers are legit. If it's important they will send you a letter. I got a call from these numbnuts and they had my details wrong or incomplete and they called from a blocked number. They are identity thieves. Ignore these idiots or at least call the ATO directly if you are concerned.

    9. Isiah says:

      they called repeatedly today and said they were offering a free $120 gas card, my hubby actually started to give them info but I sensed a scam and when I got on the phone and started asking the guy questions, he became extremely belligerent and kept demanding that I put my husband back on, that was the end of that... scammer alert, report to FCC

    10. Max says:

      He keeps calling the wrong number

    11. Sid says:

      Got a call at 9:40 on 4/20 406-059-4744 mt area code.  Have any of you posted anything on Craigslist recently?

    12. Erik says:

      Creepy caller listens for 30 to 60 seconds then "clicks" off.  Very unnerving for a gal who works by herself AM's.

    13. Dean says:

      I am on the do not call list, and I still get these calls.

    14. Linwood says:

      Just keep calling everyday it id getting on my nerves...

    15. Rudy says:

      I just got a call from 209 623 4682 and did not answer since its an unknown number....i then checked my voicemail and there was a message from an "Officer Angela Hernandez" LMAO....i live in california so you better believe i know a latin accent when i hear one and this was not a latin accent! This woman was talking very slow and her speech was slurred as if she's been smoking pot all day! Her english was horrible and she was a liar! Leaving a message sayin a court case was being files against me and i have 48 hours to call her back before the information goes through the system! LMAO....A few days ago I got a message from Kevin Smith who also happens to sound like Bin Laden and whos name was Bill Mar when he left a message the previous week! He left a message saying if i did not call him back, the only thing he could do is "pray for you and wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO! What do they do, sit and watch american TV and find names to use? I swear if Peter Griffin calls me, I'm calling him back!