720-984 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 720-984-6885
  • 720-984-6886
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  • 720-984-6899
  • 720-984-6900
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  • 720-984-6917
  • 720-984-6918
  • 720-984-6919

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    1. Adolfo says:

      Robo call claiming to be Google Plus about your ad.  Press 1 to speak to a rep to verify your ad.  I simply hung up.  Scam!  Caller ID reads Local Web

    2. Buddy says:

      Received a call at 5:50am, just hung up. Tried to call back, no response.

    3. Wally says:

      Do no accept texts or calls from this number.

    4. Donny says:

      Call tonight from this # was in support of Chicagoans being able to carry concealed weapons! Are you kidding me? I'm now invited to a meeting at Mangiano's on Clark this Saturday. Ugh.

    5. Chadwick says:

      Got a call on my cell phone.  Please beware of these scam.

    6. Emory says:

      They keep call them tell me to hold for some one.

    7. Elmer says:

      Did anyone get an address from these people. In think it's pretty ignorant that they start calling your family before they even send you a letter or hey even call you. They must do that for intimidation!

    8. Rafael says:

      They were phoning regarding Mike Lake in Edmonton to see if we are a supporter of the pc party

    9. Prince says:

      I have caller i.d. and when I answered on the 4th ring, no one was there. I called it back at 1-312-224-1676 and all it did was put me on hold with music playing. After googling this phone number I got this message and what everyone else got. So now I know it's a call I didn't generate. Thanks for the input on this being an illegitamate call. I am going to assume this is from Direct TV impersonator.

    10. Clay says:

      Someone used this number to contact an interested buyer for my property that I was selling, not renting. This individual created an email address & called people that inquired about the property & tried to get them to send in application fees & deposits.

    11. Burt says:

      I have been receiving a smart (robocall?) recorded call several times a day for more than 2 weeks. I read a message in a different list that said you can call back and be removed. I called back got a recording saying to press option 1 if you do not want to get calls.

    12. Justin says:

      I didn't answer the call from 254-302-9600 on my cellphone; the name appeared as "Kenya" looked very suspicious. The phone number actually showed, 254-302-960009.

    13. Davis says:

      Insurance company from maine....automated

    14. Maurice says:

      Called this number back to see who they are and got this recording, "Thank you for calling us back. If we called you think we called you by mistake, press 9 and we will TRY TO REMOVE you from the list". WHO are they and WHAT is the LIST? Con artists! That is my opinion. If you can't say who you are and why you're calling, then you are up to nothing good.

    15. Scottie says:

      They called and left a voicemail. There was just typing and background talking, like a call center. Caller never said anything.