734-635 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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    1. Emmanuel says:

      They didn't say anything, they just keep callin

    2. Santo says:

      The calls are coming from a third party robocaller. They are pretending to from a company called "Energy Choice Assistance" but they are actually not in anyway affiliated "Energy Choice". I spoke with one of their live operators for 20 minutes in an effort to extract information that they try hard not to give.In actuality, they are affiliated with Gateway:http://www.gesc.com/ 855-701-4283 , and Verde http://www.lowcostpower.com/ 800-388-3862.These are big companies engaging in dirty business practices, and we should do what we can to stop them.

    3. Bill says:

      He calls every once in a while asking if we have an opening for a math instructor. He is very rude and won't send an application if we don't have anything specific open at the time. He doesn't understand that we fill openings from our pool, which he will never be in. But given his rudeness over the phone, I wouldn't hire the prick anyway

    4. Jerrell says:

      they claim its a loan company

    5. Lyndon says:

      I received one text from 201-620-2810. It was a very vulgar message.

    6. Oren says:

      Stop calling 3 times a day

    7. Brendan says:

      9/16 12:46 Don't know anyone in Kentucky, no ID and no message.

    8. Bobby says:

      Serving Pierce County for over 20 years with the highest level of quality workmanship covering all phases of home repair, remodeling, and emergency insurance restoration. One call does it all!

    9. Kory says:

      I was called at 1813 by this number (205-314-0289) and when I answered the line was quiet.  If someone was on the other end, they chose not to speak.  I called the number back from my cell phone number and my LAN line and was unable to complete the call.  The message said something like the number you dialed does not accept calls from special phones, and message "2051".

    10. Ira says:

      Who's number is this calling me?

    11. Jerrod says:

      I don't know who but they saidNeed some money this week? Get up to $1,500 sent to your bank by tomorrow! Just go to WWW.CashUntilPay.COM and fill out an easy 4-minute form.(Text STOP to end)

    12. Otis says:

      My wife recieved the same message (as above). Wish these companies would not assume it's ok to text (unsolicited). Thanks Mr. Number. It is a source of info that is valuable!

    13. Lindsey says:

      Harassing a dead family member

    14. Parker says:

      Yes.  First I received and "Unknown" call and answered it.  It sounded like a sweat shop of South Asian nationals.  Some guy called and said that I was approved to receive $25,000.  So I said that was too much.  I said that $8K would be suffice and then he said that I needed to contact a Luke Smith at 206-317-1664.  I wanted to really get down to figure who these people were so, I called Luke Smith.  He seemed nice and said that I was approved to receive $8K, but I needed to deposit via Western Union $400 to see if I had the credibiity to pay.  Now why would I have to deposit that large of a money if I needed money?

    15. Claud says:

      Calls & hangs up. Added to 'Sales Call' contact.