740-602 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 740-602-8001
  • 740-602-8002
  • 740-602-8003
  • 740-602-8004
  • 740-602-8005
  • 740-602-8006
  • 740-602-8007
  • 740-602-8008
  • 740-602-8009
  • 740-602-8010
  • 740-602-8011
  • 740-602-8012
  • 740-602-8013
  • 740-602-8014
  • 740-602-8015
  • 740-602-8016
  • 740-602-8017
  • 740-602-8018
  • 740-602-8019
  • 740-602-8020
  • 740-602-8021
  • 740-602-8022
  • 740-602-8023
  • 740-602-8024
  • 740-602-8025
  • 740-602-8026
  • 740-602-8027
  • 740-602-8028
  • 740-602-8029
  • 740-602-8030
  • 740-602-8031
  • 740-602-8032
  • 740-602-8033
  • 740-602-8034
  • 740-602-8035
  • 740-602-8036
  • 740-602-8037
  • 740-602-8038
  • 740-602-8039

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    1. Jerry says:

      Got three calls from +1400490029 today, i didn't bother to pick it up coz i dont recognize the caller. Please find out who he is and where the hell he is from?  Thanks....

    2. Silas says:

      Caller ID read SMS....another new number for them.  I am tired of telling them to take us off the list.  Just another spam/scam call looking for the owner.

    3. Robby says:

      What is the code for blocking a number

    4. Thad says:

      Calling my girlfriend to talk to her and i want to know what they want. everytime i call or anwser my phone they hang up or dont anwser.

    5. Brenton says:

      5:09am call. Nothing but dead air. I hit redial: "Not a working number." These people are scum on the bottom of garbage's shoes.

    6. Wally says:

      Wants a cc # for a 100.00 gift card from Walmart for 2.95 for shipping. I don't think so.

    7. Rodger says:

      Many calls for donations all hours of day.  Please stop calling!

    8. Olen says:

      This number is running scams through Craigslist.

    9. Fidel says:

      I keep getting calls on my cell phone from this number. I just recently purchsed a new car adn am in the process of buying some property and these are the only two places they could have gotten my number from unless they are dry calling random numbers whihc the DO NOT CALL LIST was suppose to prevent but either way I finally answered the call and told the person named JOE who answered the phone to remove my number and as soon as i said that the phone was hung up. So I thought what the heck they already have my number I am calling back... I then spoke with a JAMES who said that sometimes that happens while the rep is placing you on the do not call list and that they would not be calling me back so @ that point I hung up on him as they had done on me... I hope they don"t call again becuase the next time I will three way with the local news...

    10. Don says:

      Rhonda Allen (late 40's) of Jasper/Empire, AL has continually called my husband from this cell phone number. She did away with her home-based number in order to keep her family and fellow Church of Christ members from discovering her "uncover work." Even after being contacted repeatedly, she has no intend of leaving her long-suffering, pitiful husband, J, or her 2 teenage sons. Instead, she plans to continue contenting herself having what she calls, "regular-on-the-side" sexual relationships, not only my husband (the father of our children), but with numerous others. She is a practicing LPN at Walker Baptist Regional, & works w/the elderly, so beware! Research has shown, she has an EXTENSIVE history of this kind of "extra-marital" practices.

    11. Lucien says:

      Calls to much, never says anything.

    12. Ivory says:

      I received one call. The woman, foreign sounding, said it was the US Defense Department. I thought it was legitimate, but I unfortunately had a nervous tic and couldn't stop stuttering for several seconds. I then commented on an echo I heard over the line and the woman hung up on me. All attempts to call back were met with busy signal. The caller ID listed OHIO and the number. I thought I missed something important until I saw several comments about this number.

    13. Raymond says:

      Called 2 times. I picked up and no answer

    14. Roger says:

      A hispanic male keeps asking for different people despite being told he is calling the wrong number.

    15. Sheldon says:

      Received text telling me I won a free I-phone, yeah right, anyway, I texted back to "STOP" and they did. I am happy with the result even though I am annoid that they texted me in the first place - I have to pay for my text messages.