757-721 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 757-721-0200
  • 757-721-0201
  • 757-721-0202
  • 757-721-0203
  • 757-721-0204
  • 757-721-0205
  • 757-721-0206
  • 757-721-0207
  • 757-721-0208
  • 757-721-0209
  • 757-721-0210
  • 757-721-0211
  • 757-721-0212
  • 757-721-0213
  • 757-721-0214
  • 757-721-0215
  • 757-721-0216
  • 757-721-0217
  • 757-721-0218
  • 757-721-0219
  • 757-721-0220
  • 757-721-0221
  • 757-721-0222
  • 757-721-0223
  • 757-721-0224
  • 757-721-0225
  • 757-721-0226
  • 757-721-0227
  • 757-721-0228
  • 757-721-0229
  • 757-721-0230
  • 757-721-0231
  • 757-721-0232
  • 757-721-0233
  • 757-721-0234
  • 757-721-0235
  • 757-721-0236
  • 757-721-0237
  • 757-721-0238
  • 757-721-0239

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    1. Santiago says:

      This number is a Sweepstakes Company???  What a joke they been calling me last few days more then two times a day.. and not leaven a massage.  I work and can't pick up. thanks all.. i will block them!!

    2. Kristopher says:

      Earlier this evening I noticed that I had missed a call from this number today at 2:34. I don't think I'll be taking the chance of calling it myself to find out who it is and why they called.

    3. Keven says:

      Got a text message at 11:15 p.m. saying: "Hey (my name), You've been selected to test a HEALTH product for free! go to: www.smoke8.com" I replied "unsubscribe" we'll see.

    4. Will says:

      They cal at least 4 times a day. Sometimes even at midnight. Theyve left many voicemails on my tracphone even when i didnt have minutes. I had over 50 voicemails saying it was a guy name mike with important information i needed to know about but every time i had answered the guy talked so fast i couldnt understand anything. But every voicemail was exactly the same word for word.

    5. Anderson says:

      I received two calls in two days from this number 161-408-3223, which is weird because 161 is not a valid area code in the US.  I did not answer, and no message was left.

    6. Odis says:

      Automated insurance sales

    7. Colby says:

      Nobody was there just automated mesage

    8. Dudley says:

      MO points to "WN Positions", "WN Employment" or "WN Employment Positions". THIS IS 100% A SCAM.Here's how they get our numbers:1.The ph co's issue blocks of #s. Some are designated by the **exchange** (the set of 3 #s AFTER the area code as in the "508" part of this #.)2.Some exchanges designated ONLY for landlines; others ONLY cell ph's.3. Landlines ALL LISTED, *unless* you pay extra fee to be UNlisted.4. CELLS ALL UNLISTED. SCAMMERS attempting to GET INFO on holders of these #'s so they can PUBLISH ph listings FOR PROFIT. To do do LEGALLY, they would have to PAY the phone carrier of your cell. SO, they are trying to TRICK *YOU* into giving them your information FOR FREE by using the RUSE of an employment scam. 5. WHO will PAY for these cell listings? Other SCAMMERS, of course! So, if you TELL them your name and other info, you will SPAMMED even further, exponentially!DONOT TO ANSWER! HANG UP or let it go to VoiceMail. DO NOT call them back!

    9. Leif says:

      (347) 482-5812 called my two phones in 757 area code of Virginia at 10:36 PM night of Friday April 05 2013. Ridiculous phone call by immature pranksters who were annoying. I said nothing to them. That was one phone I had with me at the time. Later checking my other phone I noted the exact same number at the exact same time as a missed call, which was very weird. Can't know for sure what it was about exactly, as I hung up, but it couldn't be anything right about it as nobody in 347 area code New York Ciity has anhy business calling me at that time of night, and knowing two of my different phone numbers, one of which I use very little and let almost nobody know the number. Something underhanded and sneaky about it for sure.

    10. Mac says:

      Caller advised that I won 2.5 million dollars and that I needed to go to Walmart and purchase a cash card in the amount of $275.00 to give to a driver and they would give me the 2.5 million. Advised the caller to give it to someone else.  Caller also wanted to know the times that I worked and when would I be off did not answer that question.

    11. Lynwood says:

      This same number called but I didn't answer. Never seen a number like this before. No name on ID but has a 0 in the lower left side of caller ID.

    12. Lupe says:

      hey knew my name and text me saying this is new number.wtf

    13. John says:

      Recd a msg on my cell phone. Sent back a text to that number to never text me again.This msg was for lowering your insurance rates and reply to YES 3.

    14. Dylan says:

      Try this feature on your home phone Lori. My provider has this feature to block calls without Phone number ID. Anonymous Call Rejection enables you to reject calls from anyone whose Caller ID information is blocked. The caller will automatically receive a message that you are not accepting Caller ID–blocked calls, and will be advised to unblock his or her number and try the call again. To Activate: Lift the handset, listen for the dial tone, and then press *77. To Deactivate: Lift the handset, listen for the dial tone, and then press *87. Note: This feature may not be available in all areas.

    15. Marty says:

      Some douche calling for our IT dept - told him I'd take a message and the guy hung up asap. Must be some sort of IT/Tech scammer.