765-245 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 765-245-4240
  • 765-245-4241
  • 765-245-4242
  • 765-245-4243
  • 765-245-4244
  • 765-245-4245
  • 765-245-4246
  • 765-245-4247
  • 765-245-4248
  • 765-245-4249
  • 765-245-4250
  • 765-245-4251
  • 765-245-4252
  • 765-245-4253
  • 765-245-4254
  • 765-245-4255
  • 765-245-4256
  • 765-245-4257
  • 765-245-4258
  • 765-245-4259
  • 765-245-4260
  • 765-245-4261
  • 765-245-4262
  • 765-245-4263
  • 765-245-4264
  • 765-245-4265
  • 765-245-4266
  • 765-245-4267
  • 765-245-4268
  • 765-245-4269
  • 765-245-4270
  • 765-245-4271
  • 765-245-4272
  • 765-245-4273
  • 765-245-4274
  • 765-245-4275
  • 765-245-4276
  • 765-245-4277
  • 765-245-4278
  • 765-245-4279

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    1. Jeffry says:

      They keep calling not saying nothing

    2. Leopoldo says:

      Further your education info

    3. Carmelo says:

      received a robocall from the Mike O'Brian campaign on Oct 23rd.

    4. Stacy says:

      I got a few calls from these people and they got beligerent and started cursing and telling me to shut up. Apparently they don't care for people who are savvy to their scheme. Anywho I decided that since they feel its ok to bug random people with the intent on scamming them out of several hundred dollars I would bug them right back. Let's just say Joe Pesci wants his money back and inlisted the help of Dateline's Chris Hansen to get the job done (thank you realmofdarkness.net) I told them they owed me $672 and he got to the point where he was telling me he'd give me $1000 if I would just stop calling. When that wasn't going to satisfy Joe or Chris these fools got nice and vulgar and proceeded to hurl sexual insults at them until they would hang up in frustration. Call 315-633-4050 give them a taste of their own medicine!!! Hell you can even wait until they answer and blow a whistle in their ear or play uncensored rap music. Be creative and get these fools back!

    5. Connie says:

      It's chase credit cards - legit

    6. Odell says:

      This is the first time for this call, I don't answer if I don't recognize the area code and shows unknown nam.

    7. Lenny says:

      I got a call fromt this # from a guy claiming to bee from Ca State Attorney's office informing me that I had a case filed against me. I was supposed to call this Peterson guy for info. I did and i informed him of who i was a why i was calling and that the conversation was being recorded. He immediately became defensive. Accussing me of yelling at him. He told me the sherrifs would be coming to my door and i would be arrested. I told him ok because st least i could see what im being accused of and that serving an individual with papers is usually how a person is served not by telephone. He accused me of being a criminal. I told him to look in the mirror. I asked for his address. Of course he hung up.

    8. Mervin says:

      This number is used to hide where the call is actually coming from. I believe the person who called is contacting people whose house was foreclosed.

    9. Eldon says:

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    10. Carroll says:

      S/S 118-68-9726COLLECTION AGENCY JEFF McGUIRECALLS MY NANA TOO time to pay my billsaltCaller Company: tacoma washington

    11. Jamie says:

      Unsure. Number was added to Do Not Call Request.

    12. Michel says:

      Received text message 04/02/2012, 7:09 AM: "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.info and enter code BETA will Receive it!"

    13. Nick says:

      Unwanted , unknown invading privacy number

    14. Mariano says:

      This guy constantly calls escorts playing on the phone claiming he has fetishes. he goes by the name Chris. its a total prank call

    15. Antonio says:

      They continue calling my cell phone and I have asked several times to stop but they will not. They are very irritating and can't speak English. They called about some Educational program which I have never inquired about but these pests just won't quit. Filing complaint.