781-422 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 781-422-7640
  • 781-422-7641
  • 781-422-7642
  • 781-422-7643
  • 781-422-7644
  • 781-422-7645
  • 781-422-7646
  • 781-422-7647
  • 781-422-7648
  • 781-422-7649
  • 781-422-7650
  • 781-422-7651
  • 781-422-7652
  • 781-422-7653
  • 781-422-7654
  • 781-422-7655
  • 781-422-7656
  • 781-422-7657
  • 781-422-7658
  • 781-422-7659
  • 781-422-7660
  • 781-422-7661
  • 781-422-7662
  • 781-422-7663
  • 781-422-7664
  • 781-422-7665
  • 781-422-7666
  • 781-422-7667
  • 781-422-7668
  • 781-422-7669
  • 781-422-7670
  • 781-422-7671
  • 781-422-7672
  • 781-422-7673
  • 781-422-7674
  • 781-422-7675
  • 781-422-7676
  • 781-422-7677
  • 781-422-7678
  • 781-422-7679

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    1. August says:

      thanks you had posted this kind of scam. i almost got caught by the foolish guy named warren edwards and he also gave me this travel agency where you send money.

    2. Waylon says:

      great news! You've just won a 1000 DOLLAR GIFT VOUCHER for use at WALMART. you can access it now at

    3. Mickey says:

      Spam text: hey {name}, its been a while but u have to check this out. I already made $650 last week from home. read this: (link to workfromhome000 .com)

    4. Alex says:

      who is this and why are you calling me? please stop calling me!!! i dont know who you are and what you want. STOP CALLING ME!!! you have no ID on my phone SO STOP CALLING. you leave NO MESSAGE i will not call back no id no message WILL NOT CALL BACK

    5. Grover says:

      Calling constantly throughout the day.  When called back, they answer PowerOne.  On my blacklist blocker now.  Annoying as hell.

    6. Tobias says:

      Some guy with a heavy accent has called my work and cell, telling me that myself or my lawyer needs to contact them and if I don't he is going to have no choice but to take some kind of action. Then he said God bless. I will take my chances on not calling them back because I think it is some kind of scam. The same people with the same story called me several months ago but eventually they stopped calling. They call 2-3 times back to back several times a dsy for a couple of weeks. But if I do by chance answer the phone, he will be sorry. The number on my caller ID was 916-395-0000. The call back number was 209-208-3213.

    7. Donnell says:

      Yes, This person called today ( November 9, 2011) to tell me a won three million dollars. I even had a follow up call from the number 626-310-3781 telling me they were the general manager of a bank. It was all a lie. These people need to be put away. They continue to do this. I reported them , but I feel nothing is being done about his matter. They seem to be a group working together to con people out of money. Beware!!!! Don't fall for their lies.

    8. Newton says:

      Got a call and hanged up as soon I picked up.

    9. Dusty says:

      text msg: "give me big dick"I txt "who's that?"tt msg "your dick"callswhoever doesn't leave message

    10. Alexis says:

      The call was from Town Sports International (NYSC, WSC, BSC, PSC) trying to sell Small Group Training packages.

    11. Theron says:

      Just got a call from the same person (Bernard Roberts) stating he was with the fraud division.  He asked for my daughter (using maiden name) who is now married and no longer living with us.  In a very threatening voice, he said she was in BIG trouble.  When I asked if he had the right person, he gave me a date of birth that was not hers.  When I said that was not her, he abruptly hung up.  At first, I thought he had the wrong number.  But the more I thought more about it, I thought he may have either been fishing for more info or running a scam.  So - - I looked it up and he is running a scam!  I am glad I did not give him her number!

    12. Darrell says:

      An automated message for me to work in their Reno call center.

    13. Alvaro says:

      Will not stop calling! :(