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    1. Guadalupe says:

      I received a phone call from a "Eric Sanders" obviously not his name since he had a very Indian accent.  He told me that I would be arrested on 3 counts of fraud.  He wouldn't send me any information on the supposed loan I owed on.  Couldn't tell me a loan company name, just some back I have never heard of.  He told me if I didn't send them $745 today that tomorrow at 11am I would  have a judgement against me and they would come to my work and my home.  I told him they couldn't do that and to stop calling me.  I called a loan company to see if they send out their collections to India based companies,  The lady told me it was a scam and then game me Homeland Secutiry phone number to call and to turn the phone numbers in.  "Eric" called me back and informed him that I have contacted Homeland Security and he said something I didn't quite catch and then hung up.

    2. Kristofer says:

      Its a fraudulent attempt to obtain a PIN and card number for your debit card.

    3. Percy says:

      Yes I did- annoying! It was about housing information. Wonder how they got my cell number?

    4. Warner says:

      A frequent unknown number

    5. Tory says:

      This number texted me asking me out, it was really weird. I don't know him, but he has been texting/stalking me. FYI watch out!!!!

    6. Kermit says:

      I hope I didn't fall for some scam. I am a diabetic. This caller has been calling for several weeks offering a free diabetic meter with testing supplies for 90 days and a free blood pressure cuff. Nothing to buy, medicare pays for everything. I said I don't feel safe with this but went with it anyway and (God forgive me) gave them my social security number. Now I feel violated and used because I can't find the business that fits their phone number.

    7. Dwight says:

      Asswholes..stop calling this number.

    8. Elliot says:

      I have been receiving calls from this Frank Johnson saying I owe on a Fast Cash Loan that was done last March 2011.

    9. Renato says:

      just got a call from that number they never once asked me for account info. they jusy said that i needed to send 265.00 to the bank for processing and handling and the wirh in 30 to 40 min. i would have 7000 on my debit card.  BOOO THESE PEOPLE SUCK. I xould have used that money for bills and school.

    10. Felipe says:

      Auto Loan Co which has been calling my phone for over a year now despite my complaints

    11. Anton says:

      Unsolicited call left on my business phone from Dan Fobes at Greenberg, Grant & Richards about "asset management and cash flow resolution

    12. Frank says:

      Eugene called and made an offer on my van which was advertised in the Auto Trader.  Told me he had a buyer in Ottawa, told him I would call him back and discovered he was from Manitoba!  Alarm bells, this is the second time I have been contacted by a scammer after placing an ad in the Auto Trader.

    13. Mitch says:

      This number is driving me crazy! Newborn at home and it calls 5-6 times a day. Same as everyone else - has a busy tone when you call back. I'd like to punch the person responsible in the face

    14. Tommie says:

      dont talk to this person

    15. Jamel says:

      Left no message. When I called back there was a recorded msg asking for more info. Probably telemarketing scheme