785-748 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 785-748-5840
  • 785-748-5841
  • 785-748-5842
  • 785-748-5843
  • 785-748-5844
  • 785-748-5845
  • 785-748-5846
  • 785-748-5847
  • 785-748-5848
  • 785-748-5849
  • 785-748-5850
  • 785-748-5851
  • 785-748-5852
  • 785-748-5853
  • 785-748-5854
  • 785-748-5855
  • 785-748-5856
  • 785-748-5857
  • 785-748-5858
  • 785-748-5859
  • 785-748-5860
  • 785-748-5861
  • 785-748-5862
  • 785-748-5863
  • 785-748-5864
  • 785-748-5865
  • 785-748-5866
  • 785-748-5867
  • 785-748-5868
  • 785-748-5869
  • 785-748-5870
  • 785-748-5871
  • 785-748-5872
  • 785-748-5873
  • 785-748-5874
  • 785-748-5875
  • 785-748-5876
  • 785-748-5877
  • 785-748-5878
  • 785-748-5879

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    1. Guy says:

      Spam. They call claiming I owe money on s loan I never got.

    2. Dirk says:

      just got a call from this "john lewis". he was a very rude individual. kept making rude remark about what an idiot anybody he called was and how much he hates his job. he was even making rude sexual remarks..... never did get to the bottom of the matter. he was not even looking for me. was looking for my husband's ex wife for an offense that took place 2 yrs after we were married but some how he had my name, my husband's name, her first ex husband's name and kept trying to say we were all involved in some illegal activity several yrs ago.

    3. Jon says:

      I went through the same thing with these guys.  My bank is actually going to take care of this.

    4. Hiram says:

      Got several texts from this number. Kept calling me Keith and trying to talk dirty to me. Would not stop harassing me until I threatened to report her/him.

    5. Neville says:

      They called me too and leaving messages do not give them your credit or debit card they will not except cash or money order they even threatin to take me to court even and never did I am still here not in jail this has been going on for a month now

    6. Deshawn says:

      This  number belongs to Hollander Law Firm.  They keep calling me and when I ask what they want. They want my info but will not give me any info.

    7. Burt says:

      Hi,I received an email from Steve Anatomic, he said he is working for a recruitment office of a known Industry,at the end of the email is written this number but it isn't the same of the Industy,what is happening?

    8. Gene says:

      Free ( they say) GE home security. Would not take no for an answer and I had to hang up on him.

    9. Leonardo says:

      A recording telling me I won a trip to Cancun

    10. Hal says:

      I also received call from this no. . Initially I thought it was wrong call , but again on second day I received the phone call. Looking at all comment , I would like to say it would be better , that if the  person is from Naukri .com, he/she should speak rather than blank call. or some alert should be given in this case to other peoples who may receive call from this no.

    11. Arlen says:

      We have started to get calls from this number too. Not sure what it is. I have done some research and 207-245-**** shows up to be some sort of agency maybe, thousands of numbers with it that have been reported.

    12. Ollie says:

      Wants to loan me money. SPAM

    13. Jamal says:

      keep calling. playing. on my phone and texting

    14. Trey says:

      Do not answer this. They claimed to have I,portent legal papers to be delivered to me and gave me a number to call. I called the number and was placed on hold and I hung up after about ten seconds

    15. Emmanuel says:

      Asked for a person that does not live here, as soon as I imformed of the mistake he hung up before I finished talking. Legitimate phone business isn't conducted this way. BEWARE !!!