801-355 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 801-355-5680
  • 801-355-5681
  • 801-355-5682
  • 801-355-5683
  • 801-355-5684
  • 801-355-5685
  • 801-355-5686
  • 801-355-5687
  • 801-355-5688
  • 801-355-5689
  • 801-355-5690
  • 801-355-5691
  • 801-355-5692
  • 801-355-5693
  • 801-355-5694
  • 801-355-5695
  • 801-355-5696
  • 801-355-5697
  • 801-355-5698
  • 801-355-5699
  • 801-355-5700
  • 801-355-5701
  • 801-355-5702
  • 801-355-5703
  • 801-355-5704
  • 801-355-5705
  • 801-355-5706
  • 801-355-5707
  • 801-355-5708
  • 801-355-5709
  • 801-355-5710
  • 801-355-5711
  • 801-355-5712
  • 801-355-5713
  • 801-355-5714
  • 801-355-5715
  • 801-355-5716
  • 801-355-5717
  • 801-355-5718
  • 801-355-5719

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    1. Homer says:

      Have been getting phone calls off & on for months both on my cell and at work - only he's Adam Andrew.  They claim I have an unpaid loan, but their client has "requested they not give me any information" until I supply them with my personal details.  When they called my office the last time, I finally told them that I know the call is a scam and  to quit calling my office or I would turn them over the Major Hobson of the RPD Major Crimes, Fraud Division (Actual police officer, fake department).  They've stopped calling my office, but continue to call my cell and even somehow managed to get the name and cell number of my best friend (who told him he was full of S*** and hung up on him).  I've been letting him leave messages on my cell - they always start with "the very second you receive this message you must call me back. . . if I do hear back from you or your appointed legal representative, the only thing I can do is wish you good luck. . . .  Next time he calls I'm just going to tell him that I've filed a police report and given copies of his voice mails to them and that they will be in touch if he doesn't quit calling.  We'll see how that works.

    2. Coy says:

      Service magic scam they want u to pay for leads and give you bad ones just ti get your $

    3. Bruce says:

      she is not welcome in my phone

    4. Jefferson says:

      Political spam No call list! What is the use?!?!

    5. Elias says:

      Just one call from this number I called back and no one picked up

    6. Foster says:

      no one answered me after i said hello 3 times

    7. Abraham says:

      Asked for the boss by his first name, would not say who's calling or why. "We'll just call back" (and I'll just keep doing my job and you won't get through, idiots!)

    8. Milo says:

      spoke to lady with indian accent. she asked for the owner of the business, i told her this was not a business. she said they were Total Merchant Services. i told her three times that my number was a personal number not a business and to take me off their list because i'm on the do not call registry (the do not call registry is a joke, by the way...i receive countless telemarketing calls everyday).

    9. Fredric says:

      Got this same out of area call, twice!  First time my husband answered, could not understand heavy accent.  Second time I answered and tried... This person wanted me to go into my computer so that he could delete viruses from my computer.  He said Windows had been receiving error messages from my computer that were potentially dangerous.  I said I wouldn't do this for someone over the phone.  He said he would refer me to a website so that I would see this was legitimate.  I told him I didn't believe that Windows would fix a potential problem in this manner.  He said, Please, let me help you with this.  This is very serious problem.  I said no thank you and hung.  Please be aware, folks.  Never trust people over the phone with any personal information.

    10. Brett says:

      Looks nothing like any of her pics!! Extremely skinny and ratchet

    11. Darnell says:

      This young man called at 3am and I reported the number to the police department for harassment.

    12. Jerry says:

      I have received 3 calls with the passed two days and I also get no response when I answer. And. get the same message of the number being inactive. This is annoying and I hope it stops very. I hope whom ever is making these calls reads this

    13. Willian says:

      The problem is, I would like to know because I do owe medical bills and can't seem to straighten out who is owed what. Whoever this is hangs up without answering me when I enquire what they want before confirming any details. How is this productive?

    14. Allan says:

      Get the same call as everyone. 301-059-4744 Mine come about every other day. Don't know how to report it or to whom to report it. Any suggestions anyone?

    15. Dalton says:

      getting call from this no regularly