804-289 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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    1. Luigi says:

      These scammers have called twice yesterday looking for someone elsee and I told them not to call this number anymore. They called AGAIN this morning at 8, 9 and 11. When I told them yesterday and this morning to remove my number from their calling list, they disconnect.

    2. Alex says:

      what were you saleing on Craigslist?

    3. Enoch says:

      Received two calls at 6:30 a.m. central time.

    4. Jeremiah says:

      I received a call from this number which my caller id said was DCS the guy called me by my first name and asked me for the cell phone number of my neighbor and gave a wrong name when I asked which neighbor. I asked who is this and he said something I couldn't understand and then I hung up.

    5. Nolan says:

      Got text message from number and if you respond with anything next text received prompts you to search for them on yahoo chat. Have done nothing on net that has my number attached to it so have no idea why I am getting these.

    6. Dean says:

      Recieved a call early morning, left no message, when called back, got answering maching identifying as "Green Business Solutions"  "We have the information the oil companies don't want you to know", that is their sales pitch to keep you on the line, then they say please hold for the next customer service representative.  Could find no ligitimate business listed in that location called Green Business Solutions, what are they hiding???  Show location is Cold Spring Harbor, NY.. Didn't wait for their sales pitch...

    7. Dusty says:

      Spam Text: "starbucks! just picked you as this weeks winner claim here $500 store credit to starbucks!! http://starbucks8.raffleclaim.com"

    8. Wilbert says:

      Take a survey and get a crusie.

    9. Dustin says:

      credit card co. trying to get ur info

    10. Clair says:

      Dna ladies. While he was enroute to me I asked him was he alone because I thought I heard someone talking and he said hes alone. But when he got to my door he waved someone off and I looked out the window and another guy was standing outside. He claim the guy wasnt with him and they were dressed alike. Smfh. Beware I didnt let him in. Two african guys dressed identical. They might even be twins.

    11. Nick says:

      This guy is a perv..and a Stalker beware!!

    12. Frederick says:

      Credit card company trying to reduce my rates.

    13. Samuel says:

      Got a text message this around 2am that reads "Hiya Steve! This is Jenni. Please add Y!M so we can talk it's mgnmelinda"

    14. Scott says:

      Didn't answer.  They have called several times.  Thank goodness for caller ID.

    15. Stacy says:

      Same Situation. Reported them To National Do Not Call. Hope that helps. If not they can be physically found and handled.