810-678 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 810-678-5040
  • 810-678-5041
  • 810-678-5042
  • 810-678-5043
  • 810-678-5044
  • 810-678-5045
  • 810-678-5046
  • 810-678-5047
  • 810-678-5048
  • 810-678-5049
  • 810-678-5050
  • 810-678-5051
  • 810-678-5052
  • 810-678-5053
  • 810-678-5054
  • 810-678-5055
  • 810-678-5056
  • 810-678-5057
  • 810-678-5058
  • 810-678-5059
  • 810-678-5060
  • 810-678-5061
  • 810-678-5062
  • 810-678-5063
  • 810-678-5064
  • 810-678-5065
  • 810-678-5066
  • 810-678-5067
  • 810-678-5068
  • 810-678-5069
  • 810-678-5070
  • 810-678-5071
  • 810-678-5072
  • 810-678-5073
  • 810-678-5074
  • 810-678-5075
  • 810-678-5076
  • 810-678-5077
  • 810-678-5078
  • 810-678-5079

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    1. Homer says:

      They Did the same exsact to me i asked from were he Was and he hĂșng up

    2. Gerald says:

      I was texted from the number 848-469-0816 stating "You Entry Last Month Has WON A Free $1000 Dollar BestBuy Gift Card!! Goto

    3. Rolando says:

      caller continuously called back to back around 8 pm. It is actually a person not a recording.

    4. Jesus says:

      i never knew a latina could have pubic hair a color other than black. this sexy ass cougar had the afternoons and late evenings free to get me to make her happy sexually and mentally. Delia Ayala was the best sexual friend i ever met, or had. But i wanted more from her. She wasn't pleasured enough from her husband. But felt a life long commintment to him. I felt bad when i looked him the eye knowing i was sexually invovled with Delia. I told her no more, but Delia needed to be pleasured, and she was damn good at sex

    5. Domenic says:

      Call preceeded by a robo-call recording that dialed our home number 6-8 times within an hour.  The recording represented a septic tank additive.  We wanted to find out who would not leave us alone, so left a response for more info at end of recording.  Two days later a call came asking for my wife.  When I asked who was calling, the caller became rude.  I reciprocated.  Did *69 to call back and let it ring until it quit, then re-dialed, no answer.  A few minutes later another call came in, asking if I ordered a pizza.  Same number.  I believe this is a scam.  Area code is NJ, I am in MI.  That's a long distance for pizza.

    6. Reggie says:

      Got a call from 123-478-9856 saying they were from the Treasury Department. It was after 5pm. When does a government official work after 5pm calling the public. The girl calling had a mixed english and caribbean accent so I knew they were not American. I knew then the call had not originated from the US. So, I asked the girl for her phone number and stated I would call her right back. Of course I did not get the number and I hung up.

    7. Nathanael says:

      i recieved a call from this number and i tripped out so i took it to the limit and the scam is they wnt u to western union $245 to them theyu dnt tell u where right off but they wnt u to rush to it. they call and call just to see if u are going. the money is suppose to be a state to state fee (whatever that is). when they called me bck the third time they said the 7k has started coming from GERMANY. GERMANY?!!!! last i checked thats not part of the US. correct me if im wrong. BEWARE OF THIS!!!!

    8. Long says:

      Asked them to stop calling multiple times. Apparently they don't understand what stop calling means.

    9. Jake says:

      Called the number back...heard a busy signal.

    10. Minh says:

      Nvr lvs mssg. When u answer, it's sales.

    11. Hugo says:

      I also just got a text from this number... Know idea who it is...

    12. Rupert says:

      No message.  Called back and it said I reached the voicemail of 2707894377 BEEP.

    13. Troy says:

      They have been calling all day for 2 days now. I went to donotcall.gov and registered a complaint.

    14. Antonio says:

      Just missed a call from this #. Glad I didn't answer. Voice message left on my phone stated I qualify for free Home Security System and to call them back. Yeah, right.......FREE?  Nothings free in life!

    15. Daren says:

      This is BCI Collection agency out of Minnesota.  They state they are a collection agency for CHASE and CITI card.