812-605 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 812-605-4640
  • 812-605-4641
  • 812-605-4642
  • 812-605-4643
  • 812-605-4644
  • 812-605-4645
  • 812-605-4646
  • 812-605-4647
  • 812-605-4648
  • 812-605-4649
  • 812-605-4650
  • 812-605-4651
  • 812-605-4652
  • 812-605-4653
  • 812-605-4654
  • 812-605-4655
  • 812-605-4656
  • 812-605-4657
  • 812-605-4658
  • 812-605-4659
  • 812-605-4660
  • 812-605-4661
  • 812-605-4662
  • 812-605-4663
  • 812-605-4664
  • 812-605-4665
  • 812-605-4666
  • 812-605-4667
  • 812-605-4668
  • 812-605-4669
  • 812-605-4670
  • 812-605-4671
  • 812-605-4672
  • 812-605-4673
  • 812-605-4674
  • 812-605-4675
  • 812-605-4676
  • 812-605-4677
  • 812-605-4678
  • 812-605-4679

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    1. Pasquale says:

      Thanks for the info. I am not sure what to think,but you make a lot of sence to this process they have taken towards me. Well add number 209-349-3525 to your list. Oh, yes they have contacted my brother and friend and have told them that they are in great danger.

    2. Dino says:

      They call me continuously and I finally put my number in the national registry to not call me.  Still hasn't helped because they still call.  What's the use of putting your number in the registry if it doesn't help you.  Oh well I am not answering them regardless

    3. Isaias says:

      I've received several text messages telling me to reply because I qualify for money, gift cards, ect.

    4. Jorge says:

      Unknown number that continues to call

    5. Thad says:

      this number has been handed over to the security check. They will work with the federal police arrest and put a stop.

    6. Charley says:

      Keeps calling won't say anything!

    7. Errol says:

      Said they (someone named Brian) wanted to discuss my resume

    8. Johnnie says:

      If you are contacted by PRIMERICA for an interview, or some vague affiliate of CITIGROUP for that matter, contact your local news agency and ask them if they would be willing to supply you with a mini-cam and a recording device in exchange for help to get a look at the inside.  If not, carry your own recorder and put it on YouTube.

    9. Darius says:

      Called me, say nothing, and hang up.

    10. Titus says:

      SCAM,they pose as a World Recovery Systems and tried to get me to pay of a debt that i owed to a bank. They knew some information about one of closed accounts. I had them speak to a Branch manager who found no trace of such thing after a while they hung up the phone on us. After looking around online for a while i found no legitimate records of their business.

    11. Eddy says:

      Just got the same text about 45 minutes ago. Screams scam to me!

    12. Danilo says:

      I don't even know how they got my number because I never signed up for a contest!!

    13. Jules says:

      received call from 562-866-0222 about 2 year old bill that "I did not pay" for trash bags I ordered. I told them I paid for the trash bags (the price was like $76 or some such). Checked up on comapny could not find any information. figure it was a scam. have received several calls since always from a "diasbled vet" have not bought anything since 2009. after query the person a bit, she siad she would void out bill. Seems to mbe same bunch with a new number. According to internet search the number is in california and belongs to a man that has what appears to be an aprtment address.

    14. Reginald says:

      I received a call from this number threatening a law suit and she wanted me or my attorney to return her call and also had a case number..LOL

    15. Floyd says:

      i have already reported this RICHARD ROSS to the FTC...DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY INFO...WHATEVER STORY HE GIVES YOU ITS NOT TRUE.....