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  • 814-899-4527
  • 814-899-4528
  • 814-899-4529
  • 814-899-4530
  • 814-899-4531
  • 814-899-4532
  • 814-899-4533
  • 814-899-4534
  • 814-899-4535
  • 814-899-4536
  • 814-899-4537
  • 814-899-4538
  • 814-899-4539
  • 814-899-4540
  • 814-899-4541
  • 814-899-4542
  • 814-899-4543
  • 814-899-4544
  • 814-899-4545
  • 814-899-4546
  • 814-899-4547
  • 814-899-4548
  • 814-899-4549
  • 814-899-4550
  • 814-899-4551
  • 814-899-4552
  • 814-899-4553
  • 814-899-4554
  • 814-899-4555
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  • 814-899-4559

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    1. Damion says:

      received a threatening phone call from a nasty woman. she had personal information of mine which is scary. she demanded i make arrangements for a loan from 2002 which i never took out and i told her i need something in writing. she said they can not put anything in writing until i agree to pay back the loan. crazy!

    2. Augustine says:

      USAA is awesome and is for Military and its family. You should stay away from USAA. Maybe you should pay your bills and they wont call you. Just a matter of time before you dont pay your new credir card bill and then who will you go with next!

    3. Donn says:

      Called several times when no one was home; called yesterday, I answered and no one was there; called today, I answered and the woman said they were "American Solar Energy."  I don't have a business relationship with this company, but I have received calls from them before.  I asked to speak to a supervisor to make sure I was removed from the call list ... She said, "Sure! Please hold" and hung up on me.  I tried calling back and got the "not in service" message. Reported to do no call.  Infuriating!!

    4. Vince says:

      Recording about credit card; reducing interest rate. Does not apply to me. Annoying.

    5. Daniel says:

      Debt collection agency with caller ID of 210-244-4531.  Name of Lyndie O'Conner requesting call back to 800-600-1496 at ext 17313.

    6. Andres says:

      Sue them they cant robo dial cell phones any questions email me hydro7469@gmail.com i know a lot of laws but i am not a lawer

    7. Trinidad says:

      This number is calling my number as well as 202-292-0619 as well as 202-610-1040 and 202-591-6277 and this person said his name is Rick and he keep asking the owners of these numbers to have sex with him and he is also asking can he get his dick sucked and I don't know who this person is can u help me please

    8. Oliver says:

      Got 3 calls from this number today. No VM I tried calling back and got weird noise then disconnect.

    9. Mel says:

      They wanted me to take out a loan. It was check n go

    10. Luis says:

      Do not trust anyone calling from this number. I received several harrassing calls this morning from someone lying and stating that they were the electric company and they were going to shut down my electricity if I didn't go immediately to Walmart or CVS and pay $300.00 by making a Green Dot purchase and they would get the 14 digit code from me. I called the electric company. I am 84 years old and I was so afraid the company was going to shut down my power in this hot summer. They reassured me that I was current and not to worry. I called the FBI and the my local police department to report it. They stated it was a scam and not answer when they called. They also called from 339-364-3373.

    11. Steven says:

      Don't know who called but this is not the first time I got a call from this number. No message. I just don't pick up calls from numbers that I don't recognize. Way too many sales calls.

    12. Jarvis says:

      I received a phone call from this phone number and its linked to a company called Southwest Credit.

    13. Judson says:

      Just got a txt from http://bestbuywon.mobi/?id=xxx, details show that it came from (303) 378-6852.it says Your entry last month haws WON! goto the link and enter the code they proviced to claim my free $1000 BestBuy RewardCard...I can't win if I don't enter... I haven't been to BestBuy in Months... Has to be a spoof or spam, right?

    14. Burl says:

      Caller asked for business owners listed through Dunn & Bradstreet.  Caller was looking for a response to a survey on the economy's impact on business.  Gave 877-384-3246 to call back along with a reference number.

    15. King says:

      art van furniture automated call