814-965 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 814-965-9440
  • 814-965-9441
  • 814-965-9442
  • 814-965-9443
  • 814-965-9444
  • 814-965-9445
  • 814-965-9446
  • 814-965-9447
  • 814-965-9448
  • 814-965-9449
  • 814-965-9450
  • 814-965-9451
  • 814-965-9452
  • 814-965-9453
  • 814-965-9454
  • 814-965-9455
  • 814-965-9456
  • 814-965-9457
  • 814-965-9458
  • 814-965-9459
  • 814-965-9460
  • 814-965-9461
  • 814-965-9462
  • 814-965-9463
  • 814-965-9464
  • 814-965-9465
  • 814-965-9466
  • 814-965-9467
  • 814-965-9468
  • 814-965-9469
  • 814-965-9470
  • 814-965-9471
  • 814-965-9472
  • 814-965-9473
  • 814-965-9474
  • 814-965-9475
  • 814-965-9476
  • 814-965-9477
  • 814-965-9478
  • 814-965-9479

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    1. Ashley says:

      Got a call on my phone from this number 310-237-5614 . They didn't leave a message and when I called it back it said the number is not in service.

    2. Ezequiel says:

      I just got 2 calls from this number on my work phone on 8/9/10 at 5:00pm.  They did not leave a message, but based on what I'm reading above, I've received these types of calls before.  However, I realized they can verify your information by your name and information on your outgoing voicemail greeting.

    3. Derek says:

      I got a call and a text from this number regarding an apartment in Edison new Jersey. They want me to send them $600 and then they will FedEx me the key and documents for the apartment.

    4. Keenan says:

      they said I was entered n a security program

    5. Son says:

      They call constantly.  They say my computer is going to crash in a half hour if I don't do what they say.  They say they are from Microsoft and I need to buy a warranty to keep my computer from crashing.  They will not stop calling when they are told not to.  Many times the same people call and the caller ID comes up blank or unknown caller.  They are very rude and are driving us crazy.

    6. Domenic says:

      These people want money to help pay for early detection of breast cancer for people who cannot afford testing. They will not accept "no" for an answer and continue to push for a pledge.

    7. Jeramy says:

      This number belongs to a "recruiter" who states they are hiring for in-store promoters, customer service reps, and management positions. This is a scam! They are "hiring" sales people. There is no base pay, like they claim to offer. This is a commission job. Want to know more about the company, just search Smart Circle Scam. This company is a Smart Circle Company.

    8. Lionel says:

      Never tells you wat company it is keeps calling very unsettling

    9. Rodrigo says:

      calls multiple times per day offering auto loan

    10. Matt says:

      This number kept calling my phone two or three times a day. When I first answered the call noone was on the other end. One day I decided to stay on the line until someone answered. When they finally did, he asked for my husband by first name only, and went on about asking about his truck warrenty, how it was expired and we needed to send him money to get a new one. Well I snapped back at him and told him that my husbands truck was brand new and he has wrong infomation. I told him to stop with the phone calls or the law would get involved. There has been no phone calls since that day.

    11. Carol says:

      A recording about free boarding passes

    12. Alonzo says:

      I have received 2 calls from this number.  When I answer they hang up and when I call back there is a busy signal.

    13. Frances says:

      Received a call from 39 029 129 6003.  French speaking person asked for my wife.  I said she wasn't here and woman asked when she could call back.  I said next week.

    14. Paris says:

      when u call this number back it states it not in service. they never say anything

    15. Ricky says:

      Wrong number. Annoying calls.