828-247 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 828-247-2960
  • 828-247-2961
  • 828-247-2962
  • 828-247-2963
  • 828-247-2964
  • 828-247-2965
  • 828-247-2966
  • 828-247-2967
  • 828-247-2968
  • 828-247-2969
  • 828-247-2970
  • 828-247-2971
  • 828-247-2972
  • 828-247-2973
  • 828-247-2974
  • 828-247-2975
  • 828-247-2976
  • 828-247-2977
  • 828-247-2978
  • 828-247-2979
  • 828-247-2980
  • 828-247-2981
  • 828-247-2982
  • 828-247-2983
  • 828-247-2984
  • 828-247-2985
  • 828-247-2986
  • 828-247-2987
  • 828-247-2988
  • 828-247-2989
  • 828-247-2990
  • 828-247-2991
  • 828-247-2992
  • 828-247-2993
  • 828-247-2994
  • 828-247-2995
  • 828-247-2996
  • 828-247-2997
  • 828-247-2998
  • 828-247-2999

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    1. Alfredo says:

      Fake contest winner notified.

    2. Claud says:

      Get SMS saying " I'm looking good, did you check my picture..."

    3. Harlan says:

      Supposedly winner to a contest somebody entered. Nobody here entered in any contest

    4. Donn says:

      I am receiving calls from 201-000-8001 and 646-929-4034 stating that I failed to pay a payday loan that I obtained from the internet and that if I didn't call back something bad would happen to me. I was called by someone who stated that his name was David Watson and that I had obtained a payday loan from One of the internet payday loan Places and not paid it back. He stated that they tried to obtain payment from my checking account and there wasn't enough money in the account to cover it. They keep calling using different numbers.

    5. Rodney says:

      I got a call send it to voice mail no message was left

    6. Wally says:

      Yep. This is a scam number. Saying from U.S. Government Grants. They want to give you a bunch of money, but you need to pay them something first. Beware!

    7. Steven says:

      I got a text meaasge from Telco Community Cu Alert stating  that my credit card beginning in 4792 had been cancelled and was asked to call 275-2190 and give my 16 digit credit card number .I looked it up in the reverse # check on the web and found out that I was not the only one that this has happened to.Please stick it to those responsible as life is hard enough without having to deal with folks that are dishonest.

    8. Fredrick says:

      S*** sms they ahould be arrested prustitution… lol

    9. Kerry says:

      On 18 October I had the same call, first off with an automatic message then a telemarker called Linkin Reeves, I asked for a number I could call him back on which was a sydney number 02 9037 4252 ext 308, I asked to speak with hs supervisor who also had a middle eastern accent and whose name was Brian O'Conner.  Still not convinced they gave me a password and user name linked to a four vacation webpage that had congratulations and my name.  I asked for the senior director and his name was Michael Brake.  There is another australian number 02 280 147 597 which has an american acsent message on it but unfortuantly the mail box is full.  I did not confirm or deny my details but $585.65 (398 US) was withdrawn from my visa card by Banc tech which is now being investigated.  I reported the call immediately to my bank but they were to quick.  Dont even entertain their conversation.

    10. Warren says:

      They trying to sell me a car

    11. Lewis says:

      calls each week, i don't answer, they leave no message

    12. Clay says:

      Same here ... not the first time I've had this happen either ... 'salright tho, I'm changing my number again soon anyhow hehe  ...

    13. Erik says:

      Just txt I dnt knk who is it itz annoying

    14. Lawerence says:

      Received a phone call from this number. No message left.

    15. Nathaniel says:

      It's the internal collection agnecy for the Department of Revenue for the State of Georgia. They collect owed income and property taxes.