828-893 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 828-893-2640
  • 828-893-2641
  • 828-893-2642
  • 828-893-2643
  • 828-893-2644
  • 828-893-2645
  • 828-893-2646
  • 828-893-2647
  • 828-893-2648
  • 828-893-2649
  • 828-893-2650
  • 828-893-2651
  • 828-893-2652
  • 828-893-2653
  • 828-893-2654
  • 828-893-2655
  • 828-893-2656
  • 828-893-2657
  • 828-893-2658
  • 828-893-2659
  • 828-893-2660
  • 828-893-2661
  • 828-893-2662
  • 828-893-2663
  • 828-893-2664
  • 828-893-2665
  • 828-893-2666
  • 828-893-2667
  • 828-893-2668
  • 828-893-2669
  • 828-893-2670
  • 828-893-2671
  • 828-893-2672
  • 828-893-2673
  • 828-893-2674
  • 828-893-2675
  • 828-893-2676
  • 828-893-2677
  • 828-893-2678
  • 828-893-2679

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    1. Elmer says:

      Calls me and tells me something about lower rates? I dont have credit cards

    2. Robin says:

      Postcard rec'd from Nielsen Company, 501 Brooker Creek Blvd, Oldsmar, Fl 34677 stating it is important that my household is included in their survey.  I don't know if this number is theirs but it indicated on CID that it was Neilsen.  We do know CID can be managed.  The best way to have shows changed is contacting the companies buying the ads....  skip right over Nielsen.

    3. Pete says:

      It was a call from Jay L. Cooke

    4. Rob says:

      Anybody getting calls from this number?

    5. Roderick says:

      We reported to the police that this number called: 208 525 7064. Why call someone you don't even know? We called back and there was know answer it was just continuous. The police said they will try to trace who it is. The police should try to stop these scams!!

    6. Stefan says:

      Auto dialer selling loans

    7. Mose says:

      It is a scam. I got call yesterday and said that a law firm find out that Americash will file a criminal case against me in my state DA office. Ask to settle with OOCR for $989.23. They do not take credit card or cash or bank transfer. Ask me to go to CVS store to buy 2 of Green Dot Money Pack and call back before 2pm PST to give them the card #. They call me at 2pm again and I said that my attorney need the legal paper to proof, they turn rude and said good luck and hang up the phone. 5 mins. later, a call from +911 and said that she is officer Jenny and ask me to pack my stuff and police will pick me up and go to jail the next day unless I settle with OOCR. I told her this is a scam all over internet and she just said good luck and hang up.

    8. Collin says:

      Spamming me. block from text or calling.

    9. Dalton says:

      Keeps texting me telling me asking me for pictures of my "tits and pussy" texted about 50 times JUST WILL NOT STOP! I have no idea who it is. He acted like we knew one another. Said his name was "TIM" then included a "LOL". After i realized i did not know him and told him to stop and wouldn't anwser his texts he would call me so my phone would ring then hang up.He says he knows me and where i live. I am honestly freaked out.

    10. Michal says:

      Received several calls from this number throughout the week and when I answered nobody was on the other line. Just got another call and the gentlemen on the other end was asking for someone else. I said they had the wrong number, to which he responded that perhaps I would be interested then. He mentioned something about a Dream Sweepstakes...vacation...something something and asked if I had a Visa or Mastercard etc. I told him I was not interested, to which he replied that I sounded as if I was interested. Sounded like a scam so I hung up.

    11. Antony says:

      Lil dumb white boy playing on the phone. Where are his parents!!!!

    12. Joshua says:

      continuing education marketer

    13. Julius says:

      It's a recruiter for a construction company. I was called twice back to back and someone finally spoke to me the second call. Wanted to know if I was still looking for a full time job because they were hiring. Didn't hear who the

    14. Bart says:

      Its a cruise spam masquerading as a political group since political calls are exempt from the do not call list.

    15. Daron says:

      Spam, spam, spam! This number won't stop calling!