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    1. Mitch says:

      The text read "hey this is sgt presswood just give you my number if you have any problems" I responded that I thought they had the wrong number as I did not know anyone by that name. Next response was "I just took you around and check u in the big dude".

    2. Sergio says:

      this number 239-822-1238 calls and same old man answers and states no i did nt call so i called back from work phone dept. of corrections its funny how the 239-822 and the exact time comes up will report this to the FTC. and file a report.

    3. Stefan says:

      Who was it? Caller ID said "5868010142".

    4. Cliff says:

      daily calls, no messages left

    5. Doyle says:

      Car protection... Background was really loud. Sounded like a scam

    6. Dominic says:

      Are any of you usaa members? I'm just curious because I received a phone call from a usaa number from San Antonio Texas recently which is legit. It's making me wonder ya know maybe coincidence.

    7. Byron says:

      This phone belongs to someone who has been stalking Actor Butch Patrick. ("Eddie Munster" from "The Munsters") And nothing stated or text from this number should be believed. A criminal investigation is currently under way. It's been traced back to a Boost Mobile Pre-Paid Cell phone.

    8. Darrin says:

      its a machine no ones there

    9. Vincent says:

      Called my cell. On do not call list. I didn't answer

    10. Dallas says:

      Foreigner. Metro blocked her, but she still called.

    11. Jamie says:

      Received a text to test and keep an iPad with a link in it. I deleted it.

    12. Edwardo says:

      Received this call for the first time today (9/12/12). Recorded message states,"this call is solely intended for, my name is Kathryn Porter and we are conducting an investigation involving your name, SSN, and personal banking information as being affiliated with fraudulent activity. It is imperative that I hear from yourself or your attorney in a timely fashion. Failure to contact my office will result in your rights being prohibited during this investigation. You can call my office directly at 866-402-4043. When calling please refer to reference number ######". When I phoned the number back the line was busy. I then called my bank to determine if there was some issue going on with my account, there weren't any issues-  thus the reason I am now here posting on this website.  Thank you Jennifer for posting this link: http://dfi.wa.gov/consumers/alerts/insight-capital.htm

    13. Orlando says:

      This dude keeps calling and he is rude!! He said I was offensive cause I wouldn't help them! Lol I'll donate personally plus me going into the force he can back off or I'll arrest him!!

    14. Son says:

      Request my social security # and bank account info.

    15. Garret says:

      I had a call from 1300555589, from a woman with an Indian accent (I think)saying she had to speak with (his name) regarding an urgent matter.  I said this wasn't his number (it's never been his number but we were involved 5 years ago) and she said she needed to speak with him on a matter of extreme importance.  I said he was overseas (which he was, last I heard) and told her to ring his mobile.  She said she didn't have any numbers but this one.  (I am assuming he gave them this number so they couldn't trace him, or maybe so his bad debt would go onto me?). I have had about four of these phone calls in the past few years, indicating that he may be running away from debt? Not my problem! I looked them up thanks to this website and found that they are a collection agency in Western Australia (which is where he was from before I met him) Do NOT give these people personal information about yourself when they ring, as they may use any connection with you to retrieve money.