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  • 847-517-1528
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  • 847-517-1531
  • 847-517-1532
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  • 847-517-1534
  • 847-517-1535
  • 847-517-1536
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  • 847-517-1540
  • 847-517-1541
  • 847-517-1542
  • 847-517-1543
  • 847-517-1544
  • 847-517-1545
  • 847-517-1546
  • 847-517-1547
  • 847-517-1548
  • 847-517-1549
  • 847-517-1550
  • 847-517-1551
  • 847-517-1552
  • 847-517-1553
  • 847-517-1554
  • 847-517-1555
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  • 847-517-1559

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    1. Nathaniel says:

      I unfortunately worked for this company for a very short time. It is an investment company and I wouldn t give them a dime. Unfortunately they are acting within the when calling. All you can do is make their lives difficult and hope they stop calling.

    2. Hyman says:

      claim I won a free cruise!

    3. Chong says:

      This is a special gateway number generated by the AT&T MEdia email-to-SMS gateway. When email is addressed to NUMBER@CingularME.com or MEdia_ID@CingularME.com or NUMBER@txt.att.net, the incoming gateway forwards to that NUMBER (or the NUMBER for that MEdia_ID) as SMS message(s), and that special gateway number is used to track the email address of the sender. Reply to the sender is easy, because the phone will automatically reply to that special gateway number, which will cause the outgoing AT&T gateway to forward to the email address of the original sender. This is thus the preferred method of AT&T email-to-SMS messaging.

    4. Hipolito says:

      this is a text spammer about promoting a website.  do not mention the website since they are gaming page rank.

    5. Graig says:

      We have been getting calls from this number for over a year. The caller ID says Franco Dolly. She calls and swears at us. The calls come all day and night. I don't know how to make it stop. Any suggestions?

    6. Wally says:

      THis person called my dad telling him he was going to rap my mother. In very graphic detail.

    7. Malcom says:

      Phone being used by Joshua Neville.

    8. Joaquin says:

      They want to try to lower your credit card bills!

    9. Devin says:

      Sallie Mae is a pain in the a$$...

    10. Pablo says:

      Caller ID said MOA whatever that is.They don't let it ring long enough for the answering machine to pick up.It's probably about the election another reason not to answer it.

    11. Jonathan says:

      Said something about a free ipad.. Obviously spam

    12. Graig says:

      it called twice but left no vm.

    13. Troy says:

      Credit crd company..telemrketing

    14. Boyce says:

      i received a phone call this afternoon, May 22 from a callback number 0. I wastold the company calling was PC Care; and that my financial and personal information were being "leaked" all over the internet. In order to stop this, they made me give them $119.99 from my debit card. /they made me esign a contract; then told me to start pressing various keys on my computer. They then started working my computer from their end, and deleted many programs - and got into sections of my files I had never seen before. They left certain apps on my computer, deleted all my Comcast Norton and Constant Guard security programs. and told me to NEVER to let Comcast do anything to my computer again. I later in the evening looked up the company's name and phone number; and an entire series of scam reports were listed for both.

    15. Rickie says:

      Got call from this # at 1017pm. No answer when I picked up the phone.  Call is from Jaspar AL which is very close to Dora AL which is called either National Merchant Solution in Birmingham Al (head office) or Birmingham Merchant Services Solutions.  Got numerous calls at 3:40am to 5 am They are a credit card collection (debt) company.