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  • 847-828-1103
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  • 847-828-1107
  • 847-828-1108
  • 847-828-1109
  • 847-828-1110
  • 847-828-1111
  • 847-828-1112
  • 847-828-1113
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    1. Burl says:

      Why are you calling me???

    2. Eddie says:

      Do you have any unpaid bills? it may be a bill collector. i have a lot calling me right now. this one just started today. i'm going to wait for a voicemail from them first before i answer.

    3. Elbert says:

      I believe this is Amber Meth’s phone.  She constantly calls my home phone and texts my 70yr old father’s cells phone all day and night. She sends inappropriate pictures of men and just harasses my entire family. She has threatened us all individually. My father has tried to speak with the police but as of now there is nothing they can do about the harassment.

    4. Frank says:

      My family has won a "Home Security System",

    5. Arron says:

      Samantha from student services

    6. Forrest says:

      you've been selected to wina free walmart giftcard for$1000! enter the code free at www.walmart.com.wmrt.biz to get 1 now.  txt stp to stop   04/25/2012  05:39 pm  from +13126073448

    7. Randall says:

      energy reduction group, would not tell me where they were located

    8. Corey says:

      chasedy hollowpoint spam collection

    9. Federico says:


    10. Noe says:

      This is scarey! The same guy is texting me from this # and an I'm account and he also emailed me with the name Jeffery Cloney? I began to become suspicious when he said he was deeply in love with me and wanted to be my husband only after 2 days of conversation! He also said he was working in Turkey had a 4 yr old named Hanna and a nanny named shenna! Red light came on when he wanted my account information for skout because he wanted to help me delete my account since we were a couple? I freaked naturally because I'd only been talking to him for a few days! Last GPS signals was in Frisco Texas off of Skout so I hope someone catches him and quick!!

    11. Toney says:

      Received this call on my cell phone. There was a short pause before the caller spoke up, as if it were a VoIP call being routed through Washington D.C. The caller spoke with a thick accent (probably caribbean or west African, although it could have been Indian), and from what I could make out, it was a scam offer to "recover" thousands of dollars from the US Government. At the end of her pitch, when I did not immediately respond, the caller disconnected.

    12. Ross says:

      If you contact your phone company when these calls come in, they generally can tell you how to handle the calls.  For example, when the caller doesn't identify him/herself (unknown name) my phone company has a feature where right after the call, you punch in star, 77, star.  The phone message will tell you that anonymous calls (from that number) will no longer be forwarded to your phone.  It has been successful for me in that I rarely get calls anymore.  However, now I get some calls with screwy names to fill in that space on my caller I.D,  Hope this helps,

    13. Quincy says:

      Got called at about 9:30 this morning. Didn't answer. No message left. Then they just called me again at about 12:20 pm. When I answered, they mentioned about being an educational funding group (or something like that), and jumped into asking me what I would like to study if given the opportunity. I told them I was already enrolled in something. That's whent the guy wished me luck, and hung up.

    14. Jarod says:

      I'm getting SPAM text messages from this number. The last one said: Your entry last month has WON! Goto http://gtppr.biz/3/ and enter your Winning Code: "1232" to claim your FREE $500 Target Giftcard! I want this to stop!! Your wasting my text messages!!

    15. Rusty says:

      I think this phone belongs to a deadbeat dad, yet I'm almost positive