850-367 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 850-367-6560
  • 850-367-6561
  • 850-367-6562
  • 850-367-6563
  • 850-367-6564
  • 850-367-6565
  • 850-367-6566
  • 850-367-6567
  • 850-367-6568
  • 850-367-6569
  • 850-367-6570
  • 850-367-6571
  • 850-367-6572
  • 850-367-6573
  • 850-367-6574
  • 850-367-6575
  • 850-367-6576
  • 850-367-6577
  • 850-367-6578
  • 850-367-6579
  • 850-367-6580
  • 850-367-6581
  • 850-367-6582
  • 850-367-6583
  • 850-367-6584
  • 850-367-6585
  • 850-367-6586
  • 850-367-6587
  • 850-367-6588
  • 850-367-6589
  • 850-367-6590
  • 850-367-6591
  • 850-367-6592
  • 850-367-6593
  • 850-367-6594
  • 850-367-6595
  • 850-367-6596
  • 850-367-6597
  • 850-367-6598
  • 850-367-6599

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    1. Berry says:

      this moring got one call and it said i won $1000.00 gift card from wal-mart my sister got one from the number 949-466-4029 said the very same thing, this is not the first time this has happen to both of us and different family members! i'm sure the other times has been different phone numbers!

    2. Deshawn says:

      Offering a Bahamas cruise gimmick

    3. Sebastian says:

      got the same thing first name from jenny to skyype name aurelia schultzj but the number was 7722429123.

    4. Gerard says:

      You work with Primerica. That is a local Arkansas Fox News affiliate news story posted to YouTube by MiPrimerica - I presume they are from Michigan. So, I guess one news affiliate gives you 2 minutes of their time and every Primerica affiliate around the country jumps at the new recruiting tool. Folks, if you are interested in financial sales (insurance, retirement planning, investments, debt management, etc.), this is what Primerica is about. Don't let the big dollars they throw around fool you. It is a long and very difficult road to get to that level. They always get you started by tapping into your family and friends network to push their services. Again....the TRUTH.

    5. Murray says:

      I was bu this number, answered the phone and as soon as I said hello they hung up. Nothing but a dial tone, weird.

    6. Otto says:

      I received a call from this number, which I did not pick up in time to answer the call. I immediately called back and got a recording  that said it was from, (sounded like), "Rotex After Hours Customer Care" and that the next available representative would be with me shortly.

    7. Tory says:

      I too listed something on FB and got texts from this Dave guy. I have since removed my item from FB and not responding to him. Big red flag was when he said they'd mail me a money order and schedule a pick up after it clears. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Timothy says:

      Calling to lower my credit card interest. when asked to take my number off the list, they hang up.

    9. Erwin says:

      QUIT CALLING - You call 3x to 4x a day.

    10. Walter says:

      always calls n im nit the person

    11. Gilberto says:

      they said i own 900 . an if i didnt pay . they was getn a warrant for me

    12. Hugh says:

      These people are calling treating us and I'm fixing to get the police involved it trying to find out who this person is.

    13. Kermit says:

      Repeated calls at various times of day.  Computer generated voice saying my car warranty has expired.  I called back and left a message.  Now the number is busy.  This has been going on for a couple of years.  by the way, what is wrong with 17026584521?  That is the way my Vonage service lists the number.  You have some sort of special format??

    14. Edison says:

      Telemarketing scam to steal your identity through a survey.

    15. Erwin says:

      he called again looking for the karen swift in INDIANA. Tried to tell scott bell its not me-he did not want to listen.