850-429 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 850-429-1400
  • 850-429-1401
  • 850-429-1402
  • 850-429-1403
  • 850-429-1404
  • 850-429-1405
  • 850-429-1406
  • 850-429-1407
  • 850-429-1408
  • 850-429-1409
  • 850-429-1410
  • 850-429-1411
  • 850-429-1412
  • 850-429-1413
  • 850-429-1414
  • 850-429-1415
  • 850-429-1416
  • 850-429-1417
  • 850-429-1418
  • 850-429-1419
  • 850-429-1420
  • 850-429-1421
  • 850-429-1422
  • 850-429-1423
  • 850-429-1424
  • 850-429-1425
  • 850-429-1426
  • 850-429-1427
  • 850-429-1428
  • 850-429-1429
  • 850-429-1430
  • 850-429-1431
  • 850-429-1432
  • 850-429-1433
  • 850-429-1434
  • 850-429-1435
  • 850-429-1436
  • 850-429-1437
  • 850-429-1438
  • 850-429-1439

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    1. Dana says:

      this guy is full of crap, play along and get the address he wants u to send the money to if this happens again or at all and report to your local DEA office, if the DEA really had any reason to come after you they wouldnt call to warn you or offer you a deal if u send them money, ud need to go to court for one, and 2 they wouldnt be so willing to plead your case to a judge and 3 if your getting a call from "dea" out of ur state its BS cuz every state has a local office if not a head division and they want to track this guy BAD.what he's doing in some cases is grand larceny/extortion, well good luck. phone #'s he's used--- 804-859-7459 & 848-480-6869

    2. Ward says:

      this number keeps calling my home and hanging up.... when i call the number back a recording comes on saying the number is disconnected and no longer in service... does anyone have any info on this number and who can be calling?

    3. Gregg says:

      La persona que llama es un hombre ,luego  Menciona el nombre de mi Esposo, y cuando le pregunte para que llama, me engancha el telefono.

    4. Seymour says:

      i just got a new phone, yeterday. Today i got # calls from 2525725473. i did not answer.

    5. Arthur says:

      as stated in the com ment above this webpage...was call feb 18 2013  as report that i was given a grant of 9000 dollars

    6. Jospeh says:

      Their company was going to be in my area installing alarm system for free.

    7. Napoleon says:

      They call my home number but leave no message.  The "1513" part makes it look like it's from Ohio, but I don't believe it is.

    8. Danial says:

      Rachel or Anne from Card Services.

    9. Jerrold says:

      I'm in KS and have an ex-bf in WA that I haven't seen in almost 19 years. He called me for the next 2 or 3 years after we broke up - usually in the dead of night when he was drunk. Well, he obviously got a cell a couple weeks ago - with a different number - and called me twice. I blocked it on Verizon. Now today he's called me again, from this number. He apparently likes to call ex-gf's clear across the country...for what, I have no idea. LOSER!

    10. Mickey says:

      THIS TIME FOR $100. WALMART certificate. Told long ago: stop harrassing me...next contact will report to fed & state AGs & merchants your ruse pulls those who trust them and cannot protect selves & barely get by every month.Think this same that tried to convince me to accept free magProblem w device...finish later.Sorry & thanks.

    11. Ross says:

      I also got this call. Is there a way you can actually talk to them or someone else that can help remove us from their calling list?

    12. Leon says:

      Unsolicited text message for $100 Target Gift card. Asked to call 877-327-8934 to get details.

    13. Geraldo says:

      Just the number showed on my cell screen. I didn't answer. Message said to Press 1 to speak with a live operator about lowering my interest rate.

    14. Harry says:

      Called and asked for Tim (have minor son by that name).  I said he wasn't home, asked if I could take a message.  Said they'd call back later.

    15. Carmelo says:

      his name is josh pippins he harrasses people and threatens them bad person