856-683 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 856-683-8160
  • 856-683-8161
  • 856-683-8162
  • 856-683-8163
  • 856-683-8164
  • 856-683-8165
  • 856-683-8166
  • 856-683-8167
  • 856-683-8168
  • 856-683-8169
  • 856-683-8170
  • 856-683-8171
  • 856-683-8172
  • 856-683-8173
  • 856-683-8174
  • 856-683-8175
  • 856-683-8176
  • 856-683-8177
  • 856-683-8178
  • 856-683-8179
  • 856-683-8180
  • 856-683-8181
  • 856-683-8182
  • 856-683-8183
  • 856-683-8184
  • 856-683-8185
  • 856-683-8186
  • 856-683-8187
  • 856-683-8188
  • 856-683-8189
  • 856-683-8190
  • 856-683-8191
  • 856-683-8192
  • 856-683-8193
  • 856-683-8194
  • 856-683-8195
  • 856-683-8196
  • 856-683-8197
  • 856-683-8198
  • 856-683-8199

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    1. Shad says:

      They call continually even when we tell them to stop calling.

    2. Columbus says:

      This number calls numerous times a day and when you answer, they hang up. If you attempt to call back, the number is not in service

    3. Shon says:

      i think might a prank caller.

    4. Theodore says:

      Some idiots saying you've won a big prize and I'm on the do not call list.  I mean, who in their right mind would fall for something like this.Insane

    5. Mickey says:

      Calling too early! Damn spam

    6. Joshua says:

      called several times over a period of weeks, finally answered the call and Amanda said she had a promotional magazine offer since I was a Preferred Visa client, She knew my address and had my cell number . I hung up when she asked for my Visa number.

    7. Billie says:

      This guy called (heavy asian accent) from 11416907055 claiming to be from Roger's.  Offered to give me home phone/cable/internet for 35 dollars a month, then it changed to 25.  I told him don't call back.  He actually called back asking me why I didn't believe him.  I started to explain the multitude of ways this was clearly fraudulent and he hung up while I was talking.  You'd have to be an idiot to fall for this crap, but I guess some do.

    8. Darwin says:

      She called me on my cell phone and said, "Hello, Mom?" I told her she had the wrong number, and she asked, "Who is this?" And I again told her she had the wrong number, because I'm not anybody's mom. She again wanted to know, "I know, but who is this?" And I hung up the phone, because I suspected she was fishing for information if she knew it was the wrong number and still wanted to carry on some kind of conversation. I don't give out information when I don't know who's on the other end of the line. I looked up the number and it's an unlisted wireless number (Sprint).

    9. Lonnie says:

      this person give me to much problems

    10. Huey says:

      These people call over and over. Do not care how sick or what circumstances you are in. They call for several different people and do not believe you the person does not live there.

    11. Deon says:

      Received a call and they hung up when answered and then went to a dial tone. Has called twice like this

    12. Jamar says:

      The phone rings I pick up and the phone hangs up

    13. Felton says:

      I received a cell phone call while I was at work. I was speaking with my boss at the time. I answered the phone, thinking it must be an emergency, only to find myself on hold with music playing.

    14. Dalton says:

      I'm getting the same text @ $5/week on my cell. Looking for a solution. When I call the 888-200-8795 all I get are recorded options for chat lines or sex talk.

    15. Darius says:

      This number is showing up repeatedly on another line on my account as text messages coming in AND going out. What or who is this?