859-231 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 859-231-6720
  • 859-231-6721
  • 859-231-6722
  • 859-231-6723
  • 859-231-6724
  • 859-231-6725
  • 859-231-6726
  • 859-231-6727
  • 859-231-6728
  • 859-231-6729
  • 859-231-6730
  • 859-231-6731
  • 859-231-6732
  • 859-231-6733
  • 859-231-6734
  • 859-231-6735
  • 859-231-6736
  • 859-231-6737
  • 859-231-6738
  • 859-231-6739
  • 859-231-6740
  • 859-231-6741
  • 859-231-6742
  • 859-231-6743
  • 859-231-6744
  • 859-231-6745
  • 859-231-6746
  • 859-231-6747
  • 859-231-6748
  • 859-231-6749
  • 859-231-6750
  • 859-231-6751
  • 859-231-6752
  • 859-231-6753
  • 859-231-6754
  • 859-231-6755
  • 859-231-6756
  • 859-231-6757
  • 859-231-6758
  • 859-231-6759

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    1. Ivan says:

      ... want to sell ad space

    2. Kevin says:

      I kept getting calls from several numbers from an auto loan or government grant company. I have never applied for either. its just not this number but different ones, I was able to block 5 numbers per my cell phone carrier but only for 90 days. I thought it was over, then this morning, I received a call from this 213 number. i have tried everything with these people, from telling them to never call me again, to asking to speak to a supervisor, to yelling at them. They speak very little language that you can understand. If anyone happens to find out how to get rid of these people for good let me know.

    3. Jake says:

      don't know who it was from

    4. Gene says:

      person tried to by a computer off me at $100 more than asked and tried to pay another $150 for shipping. Was for his son. He sent me an email from e-Transfers declaring the money has been taking from his account and once I provide the tracking number the money would be released. I found it funny how there was no ID on the email. I called eTransfers and they immediately say its a fraud. They are meant for personal transfers and would never ask for a reference/tracking number. So i  called this man out on his fraud. Too good to be true is right.

    5. Keven says:

      It's a total scam, I call them back and harass them and it's really funny. I also post the num. on my facebook page and have all my friends do the same thing.

    6. Hosea says:

      Not spam as it is legalzoom.

    7. Jeromy says:


    8. Colby says:

      Called 21 times back to back

    9. Deangelo says:

      I M FREQUENTLY RECEIVING CALLS FROM 140-1400041. ATLEAST7-8 TIMES IN A DAY. Here even I would also like to mention that this calls I m receiving on my relaince-no. i dont know who is calling from whome as my  relaiance phone i use v.min.so generally caller doesnt get benefited..so its also diff. for me to know from which company the caller is calling or from which area ithe caller is calling.

    10. Harlan says:

      Rcvd text about wnning a gift card from bestbuy with instructions to visit a website. http://bestbuywon.mobi/?id=a4uh

    11. Samuel says:

      Got a call on 10/28/2010.  Very tempting to call the recorded voice of Bill back about the Lincoln Navagator.  Probably the scam reported out of Costa Rica,  Criminals.  But they are still calling so beware.

    12. Wade says:

      Please block my ex girl from calling me.

    13. Jeffry says:

      I jus need them to stop calling and txting me

    14. Paris says:

      Asking about healthcare which I have..stop calling

    15. Filiberto says:

      Call rang 3 times and quit - just this number showing in caller ID 1-205-313-2640. I have only had my phone number for less that 3 months and am not in any type of payment jeopardy. So what gives?