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  • 859-270-1071
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    1. Drew says:

      I got a few calls. I picked up and received no answer. Creepy.

    2. Edison says:

      irritating and harrassing number.

    3. Gabriel says:

      Debt collector. Someone used me as a reference. They continue to call. It doesn't matter what U say

    4. Frances says:

      Company Name:     Guckin's Appliance Repair of Groveville

    5. Neal says:

      After numerous requests for this business to stop calling, I registered an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.  You can do that on-line (by accessing the FCC web site) or by telephone at the number listed on their site.  The Energy Reduction Group representatives will tell you they are exempt from the National "Do Not Call" registry, and that may be true.  However, I received an informational sheet from the FCC which indicates that because Energy Reduction Group's name does not come up on my caller ID (instead, I get an "Unavailable" designation when they call), they are breaking the law.  Additionally, the FCC telemarketing regulations clearly state that the business making the calls must provide a phone number at which they can be reached by a consumer interested in reaching them.  I attempted to return a call at the number on my caller ID and received a recorded message advising the number "could not receive incoming calls."  When I got another call today, I listened to the entire message which offered an option to speak with a representative.  I selected that option and was connected to a person; and I advised her that I had filed a complaint with the FCC and the reasons for doing so.  I'm hopeful I won't get another call from them.

    6. Charlie says:

      I just told them I would do a Norton scan and hung up on them. I think that this is an instance where they could have given me a nasty virus if I would have complied with their wishes.

    7. Elvin says:

      They called saying that they can help me with my past due credit card problems and discount, also that they had talked to me... I dont even have credit card.

    8. Josiah says:

      just to let you know the number 205-315-3010 is verizon wireless and its when there about to turn your phone off cause you havnt paid the bill.

    9. Lincoln says:

      Vehicle warranty crap, kinda fishy

    10. Erwin says:

      A guy named Scott left me a message. The company is Military Verification Center. I thought it was going to be spam but I actually wanted them to call me. Seems legit.

    11. Lino says:

      Congratulations! You've been selected to receive a laptop! Supplies are limited! Use approval code: Giveme

    12. Charley says:

      received a text message saying congrats your number has made you apples winner go to http://apple.ca.hstlmn.biz/2 and enter code "iwon" to claim an apple product.now i'm here anyone know what this about?

    13. Cameron says:

      right now im talking to someone im dating, he claims to be in peru and using this number to speak to me.. Im wondering if anyone else is talking to him too...IM getting a wierd vibe... his name is David but Ive seen him use the name Chris... anyone pls give me some info

    14. Monroe says:

      I got the same message. It would be better if it wasnt so stupid. If it was something cool like a dude planking, that would have been hilarious. HAHA! That is always funny.

    15. Troy says:

      Stupid text msg...saying I'm Alexis message me back I'll be waiting