903-422 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

  • 903-422-1960
  • 903-422-1961
  • 903-422-1962
  • 903-422-1963
  • 903-422-1964
  • 903-422-1965
  • 903-422-1966
  • 903-422-1967
  • 903-422-1968
  • 903-422-1969
  • 903-422-1970
  • 903-422-1971
  • 903-422-1972
  • 903-422-1973
  • 903-422-1974
  • 903-422-1975
  • 903-422-1976
  • 903-422-1977
  • 903-422-1978
  • 903-422-1979
  • 903-422-1980
  • 903-422-1981
  • 903-422-1982
  • 903-422-1983
  • 903-422-1984
  • 903-422-1985
  • 903-422-1986
  • 903-422-1987
  • 903-422-1988
  • 903-422-1989
  • 903-422-1990
  • 903-422-1991
  • 903-422-1992
  • 903-422-1993
  • 903-422-1994
  • 903-422-1995
  • 903-422-1996
  • 903-422-1997
  • 903-422-1998
  • 903-422-1999

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    1. Samuel says:

      there ia text to and from this number to my 10 yr old daughter

    2. Titus says:

      Automated system speeking spanish

    3. Bud says:

      It was a spanish call saying I had won a million dollars

    4. Isaiah says:

      Offered a loan for Christmas cash through a text!

    5. Charley says:

      they call i reject and no message left

    6. Eliseo says:

      If you are getting e-mails as texts from msc.dep@mscdep.com you can call your carrier and they can block e-mail alerts. The only downside is that it will block all alerts including ones from banks, etc.

    7. Kendall says:

      I received this call at12:43am, a beep then the line went dead.

    8. Daron says:

      Calls occur early in the morning. Rings several times, but always hangs up/disconnects when I answer. Usually calls a second time immediately after, but only rings once. No identifying info on caller ID other than number - but when I called the number, the recording says it's a Verizon number that has either been changed or is no longer in service. Verizon claims it is not a valid Verizon number and is probably a 'spoof' number (a bogus number that is masking the actual number). In fact, 145 is not an area code - so this is probably true. Since the calls are being made to my AT&T landline, I was able to trace the number by dialing #57. You can only do this before another call comes in - and I believe there's a $3.00 charge (which they may waive under these circumstances) AT&T and Verizon are both investigating this number - so if I get any additional information, I will update here.

    9. Marlon says:

      Tested me and tried getting smart with me. Said he knew me from Facebook and was going to be my new boyfriend.

    10. Maria says:

      If you answer this call a female voice says "goodbye"

    11. Brain says:

      Just got a call at work from 904 425 9004 from a guy claiming to be my attorney.  Since i told our receptionist what has been going on she knew it was a scam.  Not only could she hear people in the background but i work in a law firm so if i had an attorney he would be one of the attorneys i work for.  I called back the number cause they called my cell and it will ring once then hang up.  They call you back so i'm not sure what kind of equipment they are using.  But you can't actually call.  Once it hangs up they call you back.  He said he needed my attorney name and number.  i'm guessing they want to make sure people don't make up names so they probably do a search since i think most attorneys names are out on the web somwhere!  When i told him i knew it was a scam i told him to stop calling me.  Oh and he also told my receptionist that he was going to call me at home and tell me how rude she was cause she wouldn't tell him her name.  When i did talk to him i said how dare you call my work and say you are my attorney.  I said i work in a law firm moron so if i had one it would be from where i work.  I told him that it's illegal to claim to be an attorney, from the FBI or any other area of law when you really aren't.  He just kept saying ok and no problem.  i ended with stop calling me from all your different numbers and hung up.

    12. Dean says:

      They keep calling for Cynthia Hanley.. told them wrong number. They keep calling and hang up on me when I tell them to stop.

    13. Noble says:

      Calls frequently don't recognize number.. No name found caller ID... No message ever left.  Annoying...

    14. Carey says:

      They called me every week. The only time I picked up, a woman told me her company works closely with my bank and see that I'm having some credit card issues....get it right woman, I don't have a credit card......

    15. Stefan says:

      Called yesterday and today. Did not leave message.