907-859 Cheapest Reverse Phonecalls

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  • 907-859-8281
  • 907-859-8282
  • 907-859-8283
  • 907-859-8284
  • 907-859-8285
  • 907-859-8286
  • 907-859-8287
  • 907-859-8288
  • 907-859-8289
  • 907-859-8290
  • 907-859-8291
  • 907-859-8292
  • 907-859-8293
  • 907-859-8294
  • 907-859-8295
  • 907-859-8296
  • 907-859-8297
  • 907-859-8298
  • 907-859-8299
  • 907-859-8300
  • 907-859-8301
  • 907-859-8302
  • 907-859-8303
  • 907-859-8304
  • 907-859-8305
  • 907-859-8306
  • 907-859-8307
  • 907-859-8308
  • 907-859-8309
  • 907-859-8310
  • 907-859-8311
  • 907-859-8312
  • 907-859-8313
  • 907-859-8314
  • 907-859-8315
  • 907-859-8316
  • 907-859-8317
  • 907-859-8318
  • 907-859-8319

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    1. Lupe says:

      This person has been texting me for a week, always starting with "boy"...and from @vtext.com. He/she has threatened to kill themselves, asked why I lied in fron of their mama, told me about a tattoo they got, and random, Boy are you there? texts.

    2. Mitch says:

      Said they were shipping my order but I have not order anything from this company. When you call the number they do not give you an option to talk with anyone.

    3. Loren says:

      Got text about item selling on Craig'slist - then noticed area code & Googled. Found this. Thanks!

    4. Erasmo says:

      Save money on auto insurance... asked if I still owned a car that I have never owned.

    5. Son says:

      I received 2 calls from this number one week a part, they hang up each time. I am in Quebec Canada.

    6. Vicente says:

      yes I got a hang up call from this number as well..

    7. Mauro says:

      Never leaves a message, caller ID shows calls from this # all day starting at 8 a.m. and even calls after 9 p.m.

    8. Rod says:

      claiming there was something wrong with my computer - saying they were from Microsoft - trying to con us

    9. Rusty says:

      Same thing with me keep calling and asking for the wrong person. I have told them that they have the wrong number. And they are very ugly people I must say.

    10. Erin says:

      They have been texting me since jan.23-feb.8,2012 and I kept telling them wrong number!! Been calling me since before jan.23 as well as up to yesterday!!! I've asked some friends and no one knows who it is oh and they sent a picture of some girl but on the texts they talk like a guy inappropriately.cant wait to find out who it is

    11. Isidro says:

      Texted- for me to try the I phone 3

    12. Rickie says:

      they are claiming to be Edison Publishing company, dont give them any information, for they are to be deceitful!

    13. Olin says:

      I recieved the following tect from (256) 620-6541: THE CREDIT UNION CENTER ALERT: Your CARD has been DEACTIVATED. please contace 727 466 5317

    14. Rusty says:

      I filled out a card to enter a drawing for a chance to win a Mini Cooper or $25,000. These entry forms were displayed in the waiting area of a local tire company I do business with. The next thing I knew, I started getting multiple phone messages from "Rose" at Festiva Dev 207-347-3023.  I thought perhaps I might be a winner, so I answered her latest call. She started out by asking me for personal information about members of my household ("Are you married?" "Is he your boyfriend?") I told her I thought her questions were way too personal, invasive, and had nothing to do with my entering their drawing - in other words, not her business. She persisted, saying she needed to get more information from me. I asked "why" and asked if I had won the drawing which she evaded answering. I told her not to call again. I Googled both Festiva and the phone number she called from. The results were eye-opening and scary to say the least!  Rose even used the name of the tire business I entered the drawing at. I will be calling them tomorrow to ask if they are aware of what can happen when their trusting customers enter this drawing. I'm not usually this naive. I won't be again. Festiva is a telemarketer. DON'T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION TO PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!

    15. Kelly says:

      Crazy guy pretends to be a cop if u believe him...do not see!